Zimbabwe Dollar – Worth Less Than Monopoly Money!

这个Zimbabwe Dollaris a bizarre monetary beast – I went to津巴布韦in 2002,when $USD1 was ‘only' worth $Z600 (on the black market) and I had somehow managed to score a $Z1 coin in change,如下所示:


In 2008,津巴布韦政府发行了一张价值500000000(5000亿)津巴布韦元的纸币,which was worth 亚博app官方下载about $USD1 – reflecting the hyper inflation of 230 million % – thanks to Mr Bob Mugabe (check out the hyperlink and parody site,很搞笑)。

It would have been more cost effective to blow my nose or wipe my arse with Zimbabwe currency (imagine going to the toilet with 500 billionZimbabwe Dollars)而不是把它投资在手帕或卫生纸上。



Zimbabwe Dollars – 1 Hundred Trillion Of Them Is Probably Worth Less Than A Sheet Of Toilet Paper!

Zimbabwe Dollar Mathematics!

The Zimbabwe $1 coin shown above would therefore be worth approximately $USD0.000000000002 in 2008!Which means that the metal in the Zimbabwe Dollar coin would be worth more than the face value!因此,Zimbabwe Dollaris the world's most ridiculous,毫无价值和无用的货币。

It's like watching inflation happen in real time!

More Zimbabwe Dollar Stuff!

If you want to reminisce where the Zimbabwe Dollar was in single digits – you can buy a Zimbabwe 1983 vintage 2 Dollar note! That must have seen like another era for the locals!


Other things to do in Zimbabwe after marvelling at the worthlessness of the Zimbabwe Dollar – well,most people now go toZambia.

For more reading on Zimbabwe,check outZimbabwe: Picking Up the PiecesA Predictable Tragedy: Robert Mugabe and the Collapse of Zimbabweand津巴布韦:希望与绝望的岁月.

Anyway,the Zimbabwe Dollar was abandoned in 2009 for the US dollar.  Calculators of the world are now much safer from the hyperinflation effects!


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That is insanity.I knew their currency was going down the toilet,但我不知道有那么糟糕。I'm not surprised that they've gone to the American dollar.I have a hard time wrapping my head around economics and currency,但这太疯狂了!

Hannah @ Getting Stamped · March 24,2013年下午12:43

天哪,你不喜欢一些外币吗?这是一个永无止境的数学游戏!I love countries that are fixed with the dollar or 2 to 1 like Belize!

chinamatt· March 25,2013 at 2:42 am

我真的想要万亿美元的钞票。我可以试着用它在酒吧买一杯饮料。And really,中国在津巴布韦拥有足够的资源,为什么他们不采用人民币?


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