Ever cruised around a town or a city,and spotted a piece of bizarre architecture and thought to yourself ‘What The $*%& is That?'

You know,coming across a building where you thought the architect must have been puffing on a few joints to come up with such an outlandish idea?

Well,I had one of those moments in a small sugarcane town in Far North Queensland called Silkwood.

There's not that much there.Like many towns in the region,it's there because of the sugar industry which has been around for a long time and it's home to those who are involved in sugar,or services peripheral to it.

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事实上,it's not a house – it's a self proclaimed castle!

Now,take into account the context of the other lowset houses – this is the sight you can see from nearby roads.

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Then you get a little bit closer…

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But it's not until you get real close and you see the full extent of this bizarre house.

So Where's The Man In The High Castle?



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I've got a feeling that the owner will in this place until the day they die,because I can't see this place appealing to a broad market!

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所以你来了,如果你是一个木匠,check out the Silkwood Castle.

You can't miss it!

What other bizarre buildings have you spotted in your travels?Let me know!

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John· December 15,2015 at 9:33 pm

That is pretty weird!

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