Here is one of my favourite subjects – theWorst Drivers In the World!And today,there's one 亚博app官方下载abouttaxi fare calculatorsdone the Italian way,in Naples and it's written by Francesco.

He is the creator of Gadders,a social traveling platform where travellers can review places they have visited,to contribute creating a free user-generated travel guide to discover Italy.You can find Naples on Gadders if you want to know more 亚博app官方下载about it!

Here it is!I love the logic of the taxi drivers here and they're reasoning behind their ad hoc ‘taxi fare calculators',which totally contradict what the meter reads!

Francesco calls this the ‘Naples ready-made taxi fares'!Read on to see what I mean!

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The Funny Taxi Fare Calculator Story from Naples!

Naplesis one of those places that you love or hate with all your passion.In Italy we see it as something different than any other city.Abroad it has all kinds of reputation: warm,dangerous,lively – chaotic,etc.

Can't say what's the truth but for sure Naples is a city I recommend to "experience" at least once.Because,one way or another,something of this place will hit you for the rest of your life.

I have been to Naples several times,for different reasons,and what hit me was the ability of taxi drivers to create each time new "rules" on fares,depending on the situation.

The first time I took a taxi in Naples I was heading from the train station to a friend's place, quite close.But I had two bags and publictransportwould have been too uncomfortable.The driver had the taximeter working and at the end of the ride it marked 6 euros.

He stopped in front of the house and I got down to take my bags.He kindly helped me and then said:

Taxi driver: It's 10 euros

Me: What?The taximeter says 6

Taxi driver: Yes,6 for the ride plus 2 euros per bag.Total 10 euros.

My destination was just few metres further but with those bags I couldn't run away… So I paid for me and them too!

The second time I took a taxi it was on the opposite way toward the station.This time I was carrying just a little bag,but I was in a hurry because my train was 亚博app官方下载about to leave.So I had no choice but to take a taxi.There was some traffic and I was worried of missing the train,but the taxi driver took an alternative way and avoided the most critical crossings.

When we got to the station I had just few minutes remaining to reach the train track,so I had the money ready in my hand.The taximeter marked 11 euros but I only had a 20 euros note.Paid the taxi driver and was waiting for change when he said:

Taxi driver: Thank you.

Me: Ehm… you must give me the change.

Taxi driver: No.It's 20 euros.

My thought: What the hell!!Come on the train is leaving!

But I said: Why 20?The taximeter says 11!

Taxi driver,kindly explaining me how it works: It's 10 euros to come here,but I have to go back now.And with this traffic… I'll burn a lot of gasoline…

So I had to pay for taxi's gasoline.At least my little bag travelled for free this time!

The last time I took a taxi in Naples was after a visit to the island of Capri.In the evening I was back in the port of Naples and it was one of those crowded summer Saturdays.I had to go again to the train station,where the bus station is too and where I would catch a bus to a nearby city.With public transport working really bad I had any option but joining the long queue of people waiting for taxis.

After a few taxis came,the queue was getting longer,so one very clever taxi driver said to the first in the queue:

Clever taxi driver: Where do you want to go?

First in the queue: To the train station

Clever taxi driver: Ok,so we're going to the train station,I can take up to 4 passengers,who's getting up?

The first in the queue thought it was a joke.But I was the second at that point and,tired of waiting,I jumped up and behind me a couple went off the queue and got in the taxi!

So,just a little before arriving to destination the taxi driver announced:

Taxi driver: The ride is 10 euro per person.

Me: Actually the taximeter says it's 10 euros in total and we are 4 passengers,so we should pay 2.50 each…

Taxi driver: No,because you would have paid 10 if you were on the taxi alone.

And then,addressing to the couple,specified: For you it's 10 euro in total because you are travelling together….

Ha ha,so true!

I'm guessing these shonkytaxi fare calculator tipsdidn't quite make theLonely Planet for Naples!

You might need to learn a fewItalian expletivesto deal with these characters!

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Christopher · October 30,2014 at 5:01 pm

Sounds like the Naples I know!

Dana (Wanted Adventure) 12月8日,2014 at 11:24 pm

LOL I really did laugh as I read this.Well,at least they always go to the trouble of coming up with a "valid argument" for WHY they are ripping you off.I would say "better luck next time," but sounds to me like that's just the way it is!Will keep that in mind,thanks!

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