今天我收到了一封来自Rohit的客座邮件Trans India Travels. It's 亚博app官方下载about some of the strange and unusual印度风俗还有你到印度旅行时可能遇到的文化问题。!

An array of colours in the bazaars,市场上的一排香料,拥挤的人群and mouth-wateringfood filled with the flavours of life;印度是许多旅行者名单上的异国旅游目的地。




India is a land of diverse religions.主要宗教包括印度教和伊斯兰教,其他信仰如佛教,Jainism,基督教在这个国家也很繁荣。印度寺庙遍布全国。在进入神殿之前脱鞋是很常见的,因为脚在精神上是不洁净的。

在印度时,记住要穿着得体,因为印度人非常重视他们的宗教和宗教场所。亚博app官方下载参拜神社时不要穿短裤。It is best to dress in conservative attire fully covering your shoulders and lower body.即使你不相信宗教情感,也要尊重它们。


在像孟买这样的大都市,在公共场合拥抱亲吻面颊是可以接受的,but do not venture into any further physical contact with your partner while访问印度.不要碰陌生人!!

It is common among men to shake hands and women are often greeted with a ‘Namaste'.

一个随意的拥抱和触摸,people is not out of the ordinary in the west,India has a set of stringent rules when it comes to PDA or any other form of physical contact.即使在公共场合与异性握手拥抱,也会吸引很多不想要的目光。





Respecting the Elders

Next time someone on your Indian expedition calls you"阿姨或“叔叔,记住这只是一种尊重的表现。在处理这些问题时,比你大,use ‘sir' or ‘ma'am',否则,这被认为是不尊重。

在许多年长的印第安人中,使用名字的不正规性被认为是冒犯性的。因为印度的社会制度仍然是一个等级制度,it is given that an elderly person commands much more respect than a younger one.

弯腰触摸老人的脚被视为尊重的象征,if it is too much for you,你可以像你所说的“纳马斯特”那样,把你的头和手掌放在一起。

The ‘Flavoured' English

作为两种官方语言之一,英语在印度被广泛使用。It is often considered to be a lingua franca in the South India where Hindi is not commonly spoken.

印度英语的味道随着你到印度不同的地方旅行而改变。Here English is spoken with an ‘Indian accent' which is not as distinct as it is in several other parts of the world.Expressions like"passing out of college"和“国外退货”是日常谈话的一部分,so try to keep your laughter muffled the next time to hear them.

‘Please' and ‘Thank you' do not make it at the top of our vocabulary.But do not feel offended as Indians prefer to smile and nod as a gesture of gratefulness.

India is a land of culture and diversity.There are more than 1500 languages in this country and more festivals than you can count.It should come as no surprise that a country which is home to over 1.2 billion people is as丰富多样性就像印度一样。人们经常来这里寻求内心的平静和灵性,或者仅仅是为了体验这个国家的奇迹。Whatever be the reason for your trip to India,你一定记得在这里度过的每一刻。

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还有什么我们错过的特殊风俗吗?What baffled you the most on your trip to India?评论!!

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