The reason I run this silly travel 亚博客户端下载blog is because I love the great opportunities that come from it.I've had so many great experiences that I never thought were possible.

但是有了这个阴,一定是阳来了。当你的东西在网上的时候,this presents opportunities for unsolicited emails from all sorts of strange types that consume time that you will never,ever,get back!!


然而,my website attracts people who want all sorts of dodgy requests fulfilled.Things businesses wanting free promotion or links for nothing in return,或sponsored postswhere there is a generous budget of $10 to pay for your time.

Sponsored Posts - Travel 亚博客户端下载Blog

It would be great if I could make a crapload of money from such advertising.The thing is,sometimes the travel industry is pretty stingy and want you promote someone else for free!!

I can't remember the amount of times where some PR types contact you wanting you to share their link/infographic/etc for one of their clients on my website/social media channels for nothing in return.

So this article is featuring some of the funny requests I've received over the years,and all of these are true.有些名字已经被更改或删除以保护罪犯!!

By the way,if you're a PR type who has come across this page,it didn't happen by accident!If you want to attract long term internet traffic that has an indefinite shelf life to your brand,show me the money and contact me!!

Alrighty!try not to laugh at some of these!!

The ‘I Want Free Advertising' Pitch


我为什么要免费推销你的公司?I even have large multi-national companies asking for free advertising,and one would think they'd have a massive budget for promotions.

说真的?when these emails are sent through to my Inbox,think what's going through my head!Usually,things like ‘so what?“还有‘这里面是什么?’’

Anyway,here are some pieces of ‘I want free advertising' gold!!

I am captivated by the ingenuity of// serves its purpose,you're outstanding,nevertheless this site has a high quality structure and value.这样,I truly believed I found a site to contribute something that counts.If by any chance you'll allow me to collaborate with you,I would be delighted to write a quality content with a topic related to your website.Images are provided too.You are also free to edit the article so that it will adhere to your writing tone and trademark.

我们正在[国家]推广旅游业,发现您的网站很适合分享定制的和独特的contentwith 亚博app官方下载about things to do when visiting. Are you interested in receiving and sharing unique and relevant travelcontent?Thecontentprovided is written by our in-house professional writer and the featured piece would be tailored to your website and relevant to your readers and their interests.If you prefer you could suggest a topic for ourcontentwriter to create and we can get that unique piececontent给你分享。如果你想看看例子,you can find several on our 亚博客户端下载blog.

I visited your 亚博客户端下载blog and was wondering if you would allow me to contribute a post on it.如果你能给我一个与读者分享这篇文章的机会,我将不胜感激。Thecontentis unique and fresh.I am pretty sure your readers would love reading this article.Please let me know if you are interested in this piece 🙂 I'll send over an outline with title.

I am [insert name here].I am working for [company deleted].We are a company that provides all kind of boats around the world with the best services. We would like you to put an article with our webpage link in your excellent webpage in order to offer to your visitors the opportunity to know one of the best boat charter company and on the other hand it would be good for us to increase our internet traffic.We also provide touristic information of more than 250 destinations and detailed information of more than 15.000 boats. For further information you can visit us on..

Hi There –   I represent a number of clients who may be interested in guest writing on your website.   We specialize in magazine quality content that gets liked and shared and passed around the internet.  We would provide the content,viral traffic and a sponsorship fee to you.All in exchange for a simple link back to one of our clients.Please let me know if you're interested in such an arrangement and I'll send over further details and some article ideas for your site!!

Hi there,I am the Sales and Marketing Manager at [company].I was browsing your website and thought that you may be perhaps interested in publishing theinfographic亚博app官方下载about [insert infographic here] on your site as I think your readers would find it quite interesting.If you do decide to publish it,all I request is that you provide a link to my site in the post in which you publish it. If you have any queries at all 亚博app官方下载about the graphic,let me know as I would be delighted to explain.

Funny Memes - Travel

By the way,check out my satirical travel infographic 亚博app官方下载about travel infographics!!

The Plain Ignorant

Sometimes,people just can't read.Or they have no idea on what I do!Looks like there isn't much time in the world..

你好,How are you?I was wondering who is the best person to contact regarding advertising??

Hi,希望你没事。看完你的博客后,亚博客户端下载我认为你可能对我运行的一个项目感兴趣,这个项目对你的网站很有帮助。我们正在寻找合作伙伴,我们可以将我们高质量的编辑内容放在一个页面上,in which the article will be written directly to a bespoke brief produced by you.In exchange we would like to place a link back to one of our blue chips client's sites. We endeavour to produce the highest quality content for our partner sites.I can assure you that all of our clients are recognised corporate brands,so the quality of your site will not be affected by the link within it. I'm sure you receive many e-mails similar to this,在质量范围的低端提供服务。We have worked on a high end proposition,we are content providers not spammy link builders.请访问我们的网站,这样您可以对我们是谁和我们做什么有更多的感觉。

I've even had people get my name wrong.They managed to mention my website name correctly,but they addressed me as ‘Dear Jade'.First time someone has managed to stuff up my name and gender at the same time!Needless to say,I returned the favour with a free delete!;P

Those who use Humour

我确实注意到了这些——因为这意味着他们正在努力找出我是谁和我做了什么!I usually send back a half decent reply!!

I actually came across your site bizarrely when in search of a Kangaroo's ball sack pouch – it was a particularly boozy conversation that got out of hand!!

Hi Anthony,I stumbled upon your page and your hair definitely caught my eye as well as your posts.I read through your advertising info and I don't have a problem meeting any of your guidelines.I don't have crappy content and I'm definitely not pointing back to a crappy website but yes,I would like to have a dofollow link to a company in my article if that is still acceptable.Let me know what you think and if you're open to a ongoing partnership.Thank you!!

And then,我认为有些人在开玩笑,但可能不是:

Hi Anthony,I need you to be my business partner. Attached is my proposal.

I'm very much excited to do business with you.

Adult and Gambling Sites!包括“著名”的!!

These make my head shake!Really,why would I want to promote something from these shonky online neighbourhoods??

Hi,We've been looking over your website//,我代表英国一家声誉良好的博彩公司工作。We would be very interested in purchasing advertising on your website in the way of either a homepage text link or sponsored post. Could you please let us know your rates for any of the above that you offer??

"Hi I'm contacting you on behalf of a popular Bangkok site and 亚博客户端下载blog(I should have seen this coming like a freight train).We would love to have an opportunity to talk a little 亚博app官方下载about our service in a guest 亚博客户端下载blog that you can post on your site."I was offered 1000 Thai Baht (亚博app官方下载about $35) for it.Clicked on the link which was placed in a tinyurl shortener that opened to a site that contained the words"Viagra,Girl and Escort".But even better,this came after!""But rest assured the content we send you will be clean,professional and pg-13.If you're interested please get back to me promptly and we can quickly set something up and I can send the money to any Paypal account you'd like me to.IF things go smooth and if you're interested,we can do more with you,或许每月一次!If we see good conversions from the post,we may even purchase an ad banner from your site."Wow,that's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back..

But when being spammed,spam back – here is my Canned Response for Sponsored Posts!!

你就是不知道。Maybe this canned response might land me a 7 figure sum one day!!

Thanks for considering The yabo88足彩Travel Tart.Out of respect for my other clients,I am unable to work for you free of charge.我相信你不会问报纸的,magazine,TV or radio station for free advertising.From a marketing point of view,I can assure you that paying one well-ranked 亚博客户端下载blogger like myself will bring your brand better results than the 100 non-paid bloggers who will say yes to your proposal. Please let me know what your marketing budget is for me to promote your client and I will consider your proposal. My stats and social media reach speaks for itself – tens of thousands unique visitors per month for the website,1.8 million YouTube Channel views to date,超过26,000 followers on Twitter,over 5,400 Facebook page fans,over 4,000 Google+ circles,1,200+ LinkedIn connections,and over 1,100个品脱级的追随者,超过130人,每月有1000个浏览量。我附上了我的媒体工具包,显示了我如何吸引长期的互联网流量,包括赞助职位。

There you go.如果你有理由讨厌电子邮件,you definitely do now!!

Once again,if you want to throw some advertising dollars at me,contact me now!!

其他网站的亚博app官方下载所有者呢?What shonky requests do you receive??

Let us know and make the world laugh!!

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Arianwen · March 15,2015 at 12:17 am

This is all too familiar.I had a finance site tell me yesterday that my travel 亚博客户端下载blog was ‘exactly what they'd been looking for' as an advertising platform for their services.I've also been conned into thinking people were genuine 亚博app官方下载about sponsored posts only to find that they were trying to manipulate me into changing my location on my social media profiles – God only knows what they gain from that!I responded to say that I considered her email spam and she replied with ‘No problem.I'll send you the content to check next week'.什么?!!

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