South Pole Travel – without setting foot!!

许多人认为南极洲是地球上最后的边界。乘船前往南极洲南极旅行近年来越来越受欢迎,and I've seen them leave from the port of Ushuaia at the very tip of South America,in Argentina.






如果你是在环游世界,并且在你的行程中包括澳大利亚和非洲,当你从悉尼向西直飞约翰内斯堡时,你可以从空中看到南极洲。Qantas.这是因为这架飞机白天飞越南极洲,and if the weather is decent,你应该能在飞行路径下找到一些冰。

Like this.

If you look at the globe,most people assume that the Sydney- Joburg flight would track straight across Australia,穿过印度洋,然后到了Joburg。然而,有人认为最便宜的,and most effective way to get there is to fly over Antarctica,作为额外的奖励,这发生在白天。

At this point in time,you can't see Antarctica when flying eastwards from Joburg to Sydney on this南极旅行option,as this flight occurs at night,and you won't see anything – it's like opening up your freezer in the dark to see if you can find a midnight ice cream munchies snack.

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Garry Edwards@Travel System婴儿车11月9日,2010 at 7:06 am

真的。所有这些东西似乎都很棒而且令人兴奋。Maybe in the future I can own a jet and fly to the South Pole whenever I like.You never know.

TomHolmes1945@Home Bar For Sale11月10日,2010在晚上8点01分

我知道南极洲是个很酷的地方,我从来没有去过那里。这篇文章吸引了我去那里旅行,你提到的方式。The displayed images are awesome.I liked it,I hope my ideas work out and I visit the place sooner or later.

特伦特 · December 2,2011点在上午9点27分

我听说有些赛义德布宜诺斯艾利斯和回程腿有时也会绕过南极洲的边缘。I did the syd-ba leg 亚博app官方下载about 2 weeks ago and never saw a thing – i was too busy asleep.

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