Sheep Dog Trials – harder thank you think!!

这是母羊佛利亚和他10岁的牧羊犬梅格的妇科医生。他很喜欢Sheep Dog Trials,这基本上是一场比赛,以确定哪只牧羊犬能以最快和最有效的方式围捕一群羊。不知怎么的,我们都需要羊毛衫和羊羔肉!!

Sheep Dog Trials Champion

Here is a close up of Meg,a Bordie Collie.This breed seems to be born to run as fast and as much as possible.任何一个把博迪牧羊犬当宠物养的人都可能会证明这一点,因为他们的后院很可能有一块破烂的草。地狱,这些狗甚至可能试图放牧猫!!



我以前在新西兰的电视上看过牧羊犬试验,but they're just as big,如果不是在威尔士更大。这些世界性事件现在发生在世界各地,and involve multiple countries.

New Zealand has a lot in common with Wales,包括Sheep Dog Trials.

The English and Welsh have a similar relationship to Australia and New Zealand – such as telling a constant barrage of Sheep Jokes.But there's no joking 亚博app官方下载about Sheep Dog Trials – it's a serious competition and the people who participate in them are extremely dedicated and they practice their trade with hours of endless training and practice.

Sheep Dog Trials

我甚至还曾尝试过用牧羊犬放羊——有点成功!这样说吧,success is relative – I mean,much better than my attempts atlearning the Welsh Languageandtrying to light fire.



好了-现在你该怎么做了Sheep Dog Trials!Thanks to访问英国和母羊佛利亚提供这伟大的经验!!


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