If you're looking for some unique or bizarre accommodation in South America,(or anywhere else in the world for that matter),then it's hard to go past theSalt Hotel,which is found on the high altitude salt pans ofBolivia.

And it's refreshing to see a hotel that actually delivers what it says it is – literally!Most Salt Hotels I've come across are usually high end establishments situated next to the beach where marketing geniuses have thought that it is a good idea to name a hotel after the compound that will cause your car to rust once you visit the place!!

But the Salt Hotel in Bolivia is literally,a salt hotel – a hotel that is made out of blocks of salt!!

The Salt Hotel!Salar Uyuni,in Bolivia!!

The Salt Hotel Salar Uyuni Bolivia

Anyway,the Salt Hotel (otherwise called the Palacio de Sal,which literally means ‘salt palace' is pretty much a mandatory stop on the really cool and enjoyable four wheel drive trips that occur on the Salar Uyuni,which includes touristyoptical illusion photo shootsand checking out the manyentrepreneurs on the salt flatswho earn more money showing tourists how to make salt when compared to actually selling the salt at the markets.

Actually,the salt pans are so white and bright,when the sun hits them and reflects into your face,you still squint even if you have the most powerful anti-glare sunglasses planted on your face.

This building masterpiece was constructed from 亚博app官方下载about one million salt bricks that were extracted out of Salar Uyuni.The salt blocks were used to construct almost everything – the floor,walls,ceilings and even some furniture like table and chairs!There's 亚博app官方下载about 10 billion tonnes of salt in the surrounding areas,so I'm surprised they didn't build a salt high rise to take advantage of this abundantly available material!!

This is the second incarnation of the salt hotel.Apparently the first one was built to dodgy standards and there were lots of issues with tourists poo causing a pretty ordinary smell.So it was torn down and the Mark II version is the one that is standing today.

If you're feeling like having a snooze overnight,this can be arranged.But don't bring anything here that might corrode!!

I'm sure you'd be fairly thirsty if you decided to lick the walls of the Salt Hotel,but hey,it sounds like some idiotic tourists have already tried to do this.Ironically,there is a hotel rule that prohibits guests from licking the walls so that you can't be tempted to lick your way out!!

Anyway,people with high blood pressure would probably feel like having a heart attack if they were forced to spend some time in here!!

So there you go.Another weird place to stay in on your round the world trip!!

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AlainSojourner · March 26,2014 at 4:23 am

This is very unique hotel.I'd definitely drop by here when I'm on my way!:0

Adam @ Travel Inspired · March 30,2014 at 4:55 pm

Nice one,I loved the Salar Uyuni!A really unique landscape and experience.I too was a little sceptical 亚博app官方下载about the salt hotels/hostels but stayed in one for a night and it was fantastic,even the bed's were made out of salt!!

rebecca· August 19,2015 at 3:58 pm

This is great!It's on the list.Totally want to lick the walls 😛

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