Salar Uyuni Free Enterprise!!

Salar Uyuni– is a mighty impressiveSalt Pan在高空玻利维亚.

有一个标准的旅行Salar Uyunithat takes around 3-4 days,taking in a ton of amazing sights you won't see anywhere else.例如,check this out: Bus Driving Through the Ethereal Landscape of the Salar De Uyuni,Bolivia.

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Salar Uyuni商业技能!!

不管怎样,当地人生产盐的方式是旅行中最令人讨厌的一部分。这不是一个特别困难或迷人的过程,but I found怎样当地人靠盐田为生,这是作为一个企业家.

Check out the photo of this man below.  He makes his living out of digging salt out of theSalar Uyunisalt pan.

Or so I thought.

He has a fantastic grasp of mathematics and business sense.



Well,salt has a market price of $USD1 per 50 kilogram bag(or over 100 pounds)– which would be enough to give your entire familyhypertension.

However,this salt maker charges $USD1 per tourist to show them how salt is made,他怎么没办法把他的气瓶炸掉,himself,and everyone else when he tries to seal a bag of salt with heat.

考虑到每组通常有6名游客,and scores of tourists passing through per day,he would make magnitudes more money from showing tourists how to make salt,then from actually producing it and selling it alone.

I figured I could apply his maths to somehow to get rich and create some dodgy pyramid scheme,所以我可以成为一个专业的背包客!!

Salar Uyuni–长期业务前景

He has a pretty sustinable business plan – somehow,I don't think he's going to run out of salt at theSalar Uyuniany time soon…


Other things to do in Bolivia after seeing theSalar Uyuni Salt Pan– check out theDay Of The Deadand cycle downThe World's Most Dangerous Road.

Check out more atAn Insider's Guide to Bolivia.

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Michael Brown@Bed and Breakfasts · January 27,2010 at 7:33 pm

I have always wanted to travel to South America and have heard some great travel stories from Bolivia.


I would certainly give him a little extra just for effort but I am not sure if I would stand too close to him and that gas canister.

Karen@boston wedding photography· August 26,2010点:凌晨1时26分

I didn't know that making salt would go through this process.It's impressive however its a little bit scary because its dangerous.一旦我访问了玻利维亚,我真的会去参观一下真正的过程。1usd won't hurt,I'll will be giving more than 1USD because of the risk 🙂

Fida · February 1,2014 at 11:35 am

我爱这家伙。Maybe I should hire him to make my business plan 🙂

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