It's funny sign time again!!


你知道的,sometimes they don't translate very well into English,如Squat Toilet Sign以及福耀酒店.

Both of those signs are from Malaysia – and I have another one from one of my mates who was over there on a trip which would make you think twice 亚博app官方下载about disobeying the sign!!

这个标志是关于不进入某人的亚博app官方下载private property.

The Funny Private Property Sign – Warning,Trespassers Will Be ‘Prosecuted'!!




My friend says ‘check out this funny sign I spotted recently in Malaysia.即使你看不懂课文,I think everybody will understand the graphics!’

At home,你可以忽略私人财产标志,但在这个世界上,我绝不会用这个来诱惑命运!!

I'll give that ‘adventure' a swerve!🙂

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Transformed NonConformist 2月16日,2018年下午12:14

I love that sign.我可以在家里放一个。

Nazri Malek · February 25,2018 at 8:43 am

I am from Malaysia with Malay as my native language,and as a little kid for the longest time i thought dakwa (to prosecute) meant"to shoot"因此,didakwa=be shot at(让我们不要搞清楚动词是如何变被动的,除非你真的想哈哈大笑)

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