You're in the top few percent of the world's richest people if you are able to afford a seat on a plane.

I'm very grateful that I've been able to fly to all sorts of places around the world,and happy to have the opportunity to do so simply because I was born in an affluent country by world standards.

But I'm sure that there are many of us who experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and wishing they could afford their ownprivate jetwhen they're stuck in cattle class on a long haul flight.

There's nothing like dealing with第一世界的问题,嘿!!

Business Aircraft


Then I thought,if I ever had this opportunity (you just never know what you receive back when you put something out there!),what would I say on board if I managed to have most of the plane to myself??

不管怎样,wonder no more!!

The Top 10 Things I'd Say If I Was Invited On A Private Jet!!



  • 谢天谢地,我不必等这些机场怪人在候机楼里打电话给公众!!


Air Crash Investigations

Airline Safety Card - hands

There you go!!

Private Jets

If you were ever lucky enough to score an invite for a ride on aprivate jet(or even own one yourself!),what would you say if you managed to score a seat??

Share with the world and let us know!!

If there's anyone out there with a private jet who wants to give me a life,请联系我!!

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Peter11月19日,2015 at 9:35 pm

酷!Let us know if you ever get the chance to score a ride on one!!

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