It's time to send out some pics ofPlane Crashesand incidents,just to make you uneasy 亚博app官方下载about your next flight!Don't worry these are non-fatal ones,但他们足以让你想‘这到底是怎么发生的?’'

不管怎样,whilst some of these photos can be a little off putting,it doesn't matter what sort of media frenzies you see on the news 亚博app官方下载about the latest plane crash or aviation incident – you are roughly 720 times more likely to die in the car on the way to the airport than you are from air travel.

那是因为航空公司的规章制度太多了,that they have to do all sorts of maintenance and safety procedures.If they don't there is no airline business anymore!However,这取决于你乘坐的国家和航空公司——有些航空公司比其他航空公司更好!!

I've mentioned before howAir Crash Investigations (or Mayday)是一场精彩的演出,一个简单的错误或者一个小的部分会让一架大飞机从空中坠落,这让我感到惊奇。但是因为这些东西,每个人都从中吸取教训,航空公司和飞机制造商不断改进他们的程序和设计,以最大限度地减少将来出问题的可能性。

不管怎样,you can check out some of my other articles of my morbid fascination with aviation safety,包括:


Here we go!These were all sent to me via email.再加上我的一些愚蠢的评论!!

Jet Engine Mishap


On ground incident

But Dmitry,I thought my wings were narrow enough to pass!!

Plane door open

A little bit premature!!

Plane in overhead powerlines

Hello,my internet isn't working for some reason??

Plane in River


Plane in snow

Welcome to the Slush Puppy Airport!!


The propeller on the plane goes round and round..直到它撞上另一架飞机。

Runway overshoot

The Plane in the Drain

Saudi Air Crash

The way this jumbo jet overshot the runway is harder to pick than a broken nose..

There you go,希望你在下次航班前感觉好多了!I do…

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