Mount Bromo – Awesome Indonesian Volcano

Mount Bromoin印度尼西亚,is a Volcano is located south of the city of Surabaya in East Java province.这个地方越来越受游客欢迎,因为从附近的泗水可以很容易地到达这座火山。plus one can walk along the rim of the volcano edge!

婆罗摩山不是一座巨大或巨大的火山,but the surrounding setting is spectacular – it feels like one is on the moon when walking through the valley that leads up to the volcano.

Here are some pics from my visit there:

Mount Bromo Photos

The volcano at Dawn.  Bromo is the one that is smouldering on the left.The other volcano on the right is extinct:



Bromo Volcano Indonesia Audience AirAsia Pesta 亚博客户端下载Blogging Communities Trip 2009 Indonesia Travel Blog

等到太阳真正升起,你可以开车到溴火山口附近去爬上去走走。这是一次很好的散步,或者如果你想成为一个懒汉,you can hire a pony to then climb a lung-testing series of steps.

Edge of Crater Bromo Indonesia AirAsia Pesta 亚博客户端下载Blogging Communities Trip 2009 Indonesia Travel Blog

直视溴火山口的内部。如果你真的想,you can throw some offerings in – a bunch of dried plants.Not sure if anyone's wish has come true yet!


Crater at Bromo Volcano Indonesia AirAsia Pesta 亚博客户端下载Blogging Communities Trip 2009 Indonesia Travel Blog

You can also check out the odd lava flow that has occurred in the past:


The best bit is walking along the edge of Bromo – and not be overwhelmed by the odd spurt of rotten egg case entering your nostrils!

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如果你想要更大的照片,check out Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park at Dawn.

亚洲航空公司定期从雅加达飞往泗水,以便您也可以参观。Bromo印度尼西亚.Check out theirwebsite为了便宜的机票!

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莫里希 10月25日,2009 at 2:40 pm

我昨天在布隆摩。但我没有去Segara Wedi。Just went to Volcanology Office to request permit for my college filed trip.:mrgreen:

nice shot anyway!

Luc J10月25日,下午2009点45分

Great place!Loved to see it again on your pictures.

komuter 10月26日,2009 at 6:50 pm

have you ever been to bogor ??
be there….

Eva Gill · October 27,2009 at 11:22 am

哇-棒极了。I'll have to put that on my go-list!

戴夫和Deb· October 27,2009点:下午7点39分

Excellent shots.站在如此靠近边缘的地方,你让我有点害怕:)我喜欢亚洲航空。

David @ Malaysia Asia· July 24,2010点在凌晨4:30

Very nice shots of Bromo.I am yet to visit this place and after seeing your pics,it's now on my to-do list.Thanks!


    anthony · July 24,2010年上午11:47

    Hi David,yes it's a spectacular place!And Indonesia is chock full of volcanos,so you won't be facing a shortage of them!

David @ Malaysia Asia· July 24,2010 at 4:31 am

Ahh,forgot to add the Twitter name in the little blue box below..

sherlin · September 29,2010在晚上9点17分

stop dallying with nature otherwise be ready to bear the same .This is the result of all the pollution which has been made by a man on the name of Science

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