Louis Theroux–记录社会的奇怪一面

Louis Theroux是一个有趣的纪录片制作人,他制作了各种电视节目,这些节目更多地出现在电视观看的左侧。

They're not exactly mainstream,but that's what makes them good!!

He's actually the son of famous travel writerPaul Theroux,是谁从他的旅行书中赚了很多钱,比如The Great Railway BazaarandDark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown.

I'm guessing Louis probably caught the travel bug from his father somehow!But he just expresses his travel stories in a different way!!


And for some reason,很多人住在美国!A lot of his shows have been based there!!



He also uses his dry British humour and wit a lot,which is probably why I like watching his stuff.It's so much better than the boring mass produced crap that seems to land on the television screens night after night.这是真正的“现实”电视!!

例如,saying the rather dry line ‘听起来有点淘气!!“这是他在一部关于美国色情业的纪录片中描述成人电影中一个特别的极端场景时使用的一个短语。”亚博app官方下载And he said it with a straight face,我觉得很难做到!!



Some of the interesting subject matter he has covered in the past include:

  • 妓院
  • 新纳粹
  • 监狱
  • survivalists
  • porn starts
  • 信息广告
  • 摇摆者
  • born again Christians,and
  • 不明飞行物

不管怎样,看看他的一些东西奇怪的周末andLouis Theroux: The Collection – The Strange & the Dangerous.

But he also does a good job on the more serious side,因为他涉及中东问题,而且最近,洛杉矶生活与他的洛杉矶故事系列。

By the way,如果你在谷歌搜索自己,路易斯,请联系我,因为我很想采访你!I'm sure it would be a cracking one!!


您可以查看official Louis Theroux websiteand follow@LouisTherouxon Twitter.

不管怎样,更多详情请参见路易斯的书怪人的召唤:与生存主义者的遭遇,色情明星,Alien Killers,和艾克•特纳.

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