One thing 亚博app官方下载about Australia is that there are many Urban Legends and Myths.That's because locals have a warped sense of humour and like seeing travellers believe some of the far fetched stories that are sometimes made up.如果你来澳大利亚旅游,别把我们看得太认真——因为我们不认真!There's nothing malicious 亚博app官方下载about this – it's all about having a silly joke and a bit of fun!!

例如,there is the myth 亚博app官方下载about小熊,它们是神话中的生物,从很高的高度落在你身上,会造成巨大的伤害。他们不存在!这只是一个澳大利亚野生动物城市传说,随着时间的推移,它已经聚集了力量,因为*一些*人相信它!!


But is this one actually true?袋鼠和人住在同一个地方吗?房屋,还有汽车?Well,有时候!!

Kangaroo Photos – the evidence of them existing in Australian streets!!


Pretty cool photo me thinks,but you would be able to see this in many areas around the world where housing estates/suburbs are built next to animal habitat.

我在堪培拉的朋友家前拍了这张照片,the Australian capital.He lives in a relatively new part on the outskirts of the city,他住在马路对面的一个公园里,在那里拍下了这张照片。When we were driving back to his place at dusk,路边有数百只袋鼠在吃草。

在全国城市化程度最高的地区(例如,the middle of Sydney – but then again,你就是不知道!),但你可能会在郊区看到这一幕,它正在侵占袋鼠的栖息地,就像这个地方。

Kangaroo Jumping

So much for跳过丛林袋鼠!看起来这一个在某个地方跳出来喝一杯热拿铁吧!!

再加上这个,I grew up in Cairns,in tropical Australia.有时高潮时小鳄鱼会被冲过城市的水沟,这让当地人和游客看起来更像。不会经常发生,but it's possible – as long as it's not likeAustralia's biggest crocodile.那太可怕了!!

More Kangaroo Photos stuff!!



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