Kangaroo Funny Time!!

Today's Funny Travel Photo is aKangaroo Funny– and was taken by Farnoosh from@ProlificLiving.Check out theProlific Living WebsiteandFacebook Pageand say hello.

不管怎样,this Kangaroo looks either drunk or possibly even dead!法努什拍了这个Funny Kangarooat塔龙加动物园,inSydney,Australia当她在那里度假的时候。

Holy moly,this looks like a dead zoo animal that shouldn't be there!He looks like he should be in the morgue!!


The Kangaroo Funny Story

法努什说“别担心,the kangaroo is alive and well.这只袋鼠咬了我几分钟,and even my nonstop laughter did not stir him a bit.I found it hilarious – and had titled it"Resting after a hard days' work".

Being Australian,maybe the Kangaroo is drunk after all… Looks like he has been out on the booze all night trying to pick up chicks to take home to his enclosure and he is feeling a bit hungover.Maybe he needs a big shot of Vitamin D to feel a bit more human.Sorry,a bit more like a normal kangaroo..

From what I can see in this picture,this kangaroo has a pretty good life.Just chilling around in the zoo and munching on a few leaves and taking it easy all day.也许在他一整天的闲暇时间,拿着欢快的照相机为游客摆姿势之后,偶尔小睡一会儿休息一下吧!Some animals have it all!I think he's figured out the meaning of life!!

More Kangaroo Funny Stuff

I don't think the ‘Resting Kangaroo' appeared in欢迎来到袋鼠世界.Maybe it should appear in the more aptly titledCrazy Kangaroo.Looks like this one lives a pretty fast paced lifestyle and he's paying the price for it!!

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Red Nomad OZ · August 24,2010 at 7:07 pm

Just as well it didn't have a joey!!我赞成醉酒/昏倒的理论——毕竟,还有什么其他的原因可以让一辆车平躺在地上?!?!!

Farnoosh · August 25,2010 at 1:25 am

Hello yabo88足彩Travel Tart Anthony,thank you for featuring my drunk sleeping kangaroo on your website!🙂

Annabel Candy,Get In the Hot Spot · August 25,2010点在早上6点38分


钻头 · August 26,2010点:凌晨3点34分

Dunk the streets would see the kangaroos,but I do not have any money.one wants bayarin?呵呵…

出租车销售8月28日,2010 at 5:18 am

Kangaroo just looking uncoucious.In Australia everywhere they are in bulk.
All the streets are looking empty in their absence.This is a really excellent read for me.Must admit that you are one of the best 亚博客户端下载bloggers I ever saw.感谢您发表这篇有用的文章。

朱利奥 ·9月13日,2010 at 5:30 pm

All it needs is a beer in its left paw and a TV remote on its chest to complete the scene!!

Lincoln Dentist 10月8日,2010 at 11:15 pm

I admit I haven't seen too many kangaroos,但我肯定看到有人站在那个位置。肯定快到动物园关门时间了。

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