Here's one of those stories that not many people know 亚博app官方下载about,但这可能改变了历史进程!!


It's actually a pretty interesting tale of how he managed to cheat death in World War 2 during the Battle of the Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Here is a pic of a youthful Mr Kennedy in his mid twenties.

John F Kennedy History and Accomplishments - the World War 2 version

Anyway,the story goes like this.



He then had to swim to this island you can see below,with 11 crew members.Kennedy saved the life of one of his injured crew members by towing him using a life vest strap clenched in his teeth.

At the time,it was known as Plum Pudding Island.然而,after this event,it was named after John John and has forever since been known as Kennedy Island.

Which you can easily reach these days if you stay at胖男孩度假村.

发生的是肯尼迪当时不得不尝试和他的基地沟通。然而,this was the 1940s and there was no such thing as mobile coverage.

还有肯尼迪岛,there was no food and water – so everyone had to swim again to another island called Olasuna Island – where it was pretty much the same story.

So what he did was carve out this message in a coconut which said the following: ‘These 2 natives know where we 11 are'.

Here's a replica of that coconut below.

事实上,that was the English interpretation.真正的信息是用洋泾浜英语,或多或少地说了同样的话——“纳乌罗岛指挥官……本地人知道位置……他可以驾驶……11只活着的需要小船……肯尼迪……”

The two ‘natives' – Biuku Gasa and Eroni Kumana took the coconut and paddled for miles and miles through Japanese controlled waters to and finally made the U.S.base in Rendova – at much risk to their own lives.这最终导致了救援行动,and John F Kennedy and his mates lived to fight another day.

So the locals didn't just save the lives of Kennedy and his men.It's estimated they saved 800 lives in total,including airmen,海军人员,还有平民。


He used it as a paperweight in the Oval Office,so this became the most famous coconut in history.

如果你在美国,you canview the coconut these days in the John F Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.

What's a bit sad 亚博app官方下载about this story is that Kennedy invited the ‘two natives' – Biuku and Eroni to his presidential inauguration but were denied by a stiff upper lip British colonial officer because ‘they couldn't speak English well enough'.Oh well.

所以想想这个——如亚博app官方下载果这个PT-109事件没有发生,it would have been like a butterfly effect moment and John's life may have taken another course.

So he may not have had become President of the United States,因此,launched a crazy ambition to send a man to the moon,或者和玛丽莲·梦露有染!🙂




我还去过吉萨的PT-109酒吧,这是当地人喜欢聚会的一个很好的介绍。You'll see references to PT-109 and Kennedy all over the Solomon Islands.

更多参见Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau.

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