移民的一个副作用是文化把他们自己的习惯带到世界的另一个地方,这大大丰富了他们来到的新地方!Especially when it comes to food!!

作为一个例子,二战后,many people places like Greece andItalywere just sick of the baggage that two European wars across a few decades had left,so many of them,,including my own family,decided that enough was enough and left to go to the other side of the world,不知道他们会等待什么,and without knowing the language!!

我认为这是一个相当大胆的举动,and whilst you try to assimilate into the new place,it's inevitable that you're going to keep some old habits,如Italian Culturethat I grew up with.

作为一个例子,there are truckloads of意大利传统在那里,他们存在的原因是因为他们至少有一个真理的元素!我已经回到意大利过去为了重新发现我的根,并且可以确认有很多刻板印象是真实的,但无论如何,I had a great time hanging out with my *distant* relatives and seeing what it was all 亚博app官方下载about.

I'm sure that expats who住在意大利也会感谢“甜蜜生活”,or the sweet life.

Italian Culture

但作为对移植Italian Culture到世界各地,for example,这个美国and澳大利亚,here is a tribute of fifty and a bit things that you will probably appreciate if you grew up with some sort of Italian influence!!

Here we go!如果这能唤起很多童年的记忆,尽情地笑吧!!

You know that you've grown up in Italian Culture when…

  1. Biscuits dipped in coffee was a suitable breakfast for your grandparents.And you sometimes joined in!!
  2. Every Sunday afternoon of your childhood was spent visiting your grandparents and extended family.
  3. You have at least one relative who wore a black dress every day for an entire year after a funeral.有时,this relative wore one for the rest of their lives!!
  4. 你家的狗只懂意大利语,说英语时看起来很困惑。
  5. 在一个小家庭为庆祝生日而做饭时,你经历了150人在50平方米的院子里合身的奇妙现象,wedding,葬礼,or other Catholic ritual.
  6. 你很惊讶地发现营养学家建议你一天只吃三顿饭,不是七。请注意,lunch and dinner would consist of seven courses.
  7. You thought that having salami,电容器在棚子天花板上晾干的煎饼和意大利熏火腿绝对是正常的。
  8. You ate pasta for dinner at least three times a week,and every Sunday.大多数时候,这是自制的。
  9. You grew up thinking no fruit or vegetable had a fixed price at the local markets and that the price of everything was negotiable through haggling.即使在超市,价格实际上是固定的。
  10. 你七岁时和你祖母一样高。And you towered over her by the time you reached ten.
  11. 你以为每个人的姓氏都以一个元音结尾。If their surname didn't end with a vowel,您只需添加一个。
  12. Even though your parents cooked great food most of the time,他们仍然坚持要你吃像舌头或猪蹄这样的内脏,因为“这对你有好处”。
  13. 你母亲的主要爱好是在短时间内打扫卫生和准备宴会。
  14. Your non Italian mates practically begged you to invite them over to your place because they knew they would have a much better feed than at home.
  15. 你很惊讶地发现酒实际上是在酒店里卖的。但是你的家人还是只喝他们自制的东西,因为商店里的东西是垃圾。
  16. 你以为每个人自制番茄酱.
  17. 你从来没有在圣诞节前夜或任何周五吃过肉。你只吃鱼。
  18. 你在主菜后把沙拉放在另一个碗里吃了,and never on the same plate!!
  19. You thought Catholicism was definitely the only religion in the world,每个家庭的墙上都挂着教皇的照片。
  20. 你的一个亲戚至少用木勺或扫帚打过你一次,因为你行为不端。
  21. Your 3rd or 4th cousins felt like immediate relatives.事实上,这些远亲可能包括在你父母的遗嘱里。
  22. 你以为每顿饭都得拿着一大块意大利面包吃。
  23. 你能听懂很多意大利语,但你不会说,除了脏话。yabo88足彩
  24. 你至少有一个亲戚上了船。If not,all of them did!!
  25. You spent your entire childhood thinking what you ate for lunch.你的朋友也会想你午餐吃了什么,因为这比他们吃的好多了!亚博app官方下载!
  26. 你以为午餐的发音是“sangwich”,不是“三明治”
  27. 你至少有六个男性亲戚叫托尼,Frank,乔还是Louie。
  28. 你的亲戚不是你的亲人,因为他们是你父母的好朋友。
  29. 你有一些亲戚因为一些琐碎的争吵而不和你说话。
  30. 在你十几岁的时候,你在吃饭的时候喝了酒,因为你的父母和祖父母认为维诺实际上是一个食物组合,在午餐或晚餐时,你可以选择7道菜。!
  31. You relate on some guilty level,to the Godfather and the Sopranos.总是有一个你不能拒绝的提议!!
  32. You grew up in a house with a backyard that was chock full of fruit and vegetables that could supply the whole street for a year.
  33. 你爷爷的家具和坐在塑料上一样舒适。Oh that's right!You were sitting on plastic!!
  34. You thought that talking loud at each other without being aggressive was totally normal.
  35. 你还认为用手在各处走动大声说话也是正常的(如果一个意大利人的一只胳膊比另一只短,他会有什么?A speech impediment!).
  36. You thought sugared almonds were common at all weddings until you were invited to a non Italian wedding.
  37. You thought that a small wedding consisted of only 400 people,give or take a few hundred.
  38. 你不认识应邀参加婚礼的新娘或新郎。
  39. 你以为每个人都被他们的亲戚捏在脸颊上,口袋里塞满了钱。
  40. 你母亲对家里的男人们保护过度,不管他们多大。
  41. 房子的每个房间都有一个十字架,usually above a bed.
  42. 有时会在别人的客厅里叫醒。
  43. 如果你是个女孩的话,如果没有得到你父亲的同意,你就不能和一个男孩约会。(Oh,and he had to be Italian!)
  44. 你有时称意大利面为“通心粉”。
  45. You dreaded taking out your lunch at school.Because everyone wanted to ditch theirs and eat yours because it looked way more tasty!!
  46. Going out for a cup of coffee usually meant going out for a cup of coffee over  at your aunt's/uncles/fifth cousin's house.
  47. 每种情况,ailment,不幸,memory loss and accident that you ever experienced throughout your entire life was always attributed to the fact that you didn't eat something.
  48. 如果食物太多,冰箱里总是放着剩菜。如果冰箱里放的剩菜太多,剩下的东西都会放在冰箱里…在车库里!!
  49. 你和你祖母做了意大利面……还有
  50. You still answer the phone with ‘Pronto'!!

There you go!!

如果你嘲笑这个,it's because I'm sure you've experienced these bits of Italian Culture yourself,或者认识这样的人!!




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