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Yay,today I've got more silly language lessons on this crazy website – this time,it's 亚博app官方下载aboutIrish Slang,yabo88足彩Swear Words,Expressions and Expletives!

The Irish are known for their great sense of humour.I love visiting Ireland just for the banter you have with the locals in the pub and all around the place.It's lots of fun,and just like Australians,the Irish don't take themselves too seriously.

irish-slang-yabo88足彩swear-words-expletives-1024x682 Ireland Travel 亚博客户端下载Blog

So today,I've collected over 800 Irish expressions just for a bit of a laugh so you can lose a bit more time to the internet that you'll never get back!

Here you go,and enjoy!

Irish Slang Words Time!

Irish Slang Word Proper' English Translation
3m A young man whose only cares are his mother,his mouth and his moustache
50p lifesaver A condom
99,a Ice cream cone with a chocolate flake
a Go A fight
Acting the Maggot Fooling and messing around
Afters Dessert
Ages A long time
Agro A fight
Alco Someone who's always drunk or pissed
Amadán (Omadhan) Idiot
Apache Joyrider
Ape Fool
Apple tart Rhyming slang for fart
Apples and pears Stairs
Ara be whist Shut up
arabs knees Keys
Arse Backside
Arseways I made a complete mess of it!
Arsing Around Being lazy
Arthur power Rhyming slang for shower
Arthur Scargill Rhyming slang for gargle
Arthurs A pint of Guinness (Arthur Guinness)
Article A woman
As rough as a bear's arse Very rough
As scarce as hen's teeth Very rare
As sharp as a beach ball Not very sharp
As sick as a small hospital Very sick
As small as a mouse's diddy Very small
As thick as two short planks Very thick
As useful as a cigarette lighter on amotorbike. Not useful at all
As useful as a lighthouse on a bog As above
As useless as a chocolate teapot As above
As useless as tits on a bull As above
As weak as a salmon in a sandpit Very hungry
Ask me arse Shut up
Ass juice Diarrhoea
At it Making love
Aubergine Egg plant
Aul Man or Fella Father
Aul Wan Mother
Aussie kiss Cunnilingus – similar to a French Kiss,but given down under
Away with ye / away on / Aye right I don't really believe you.
Babby Baby
Baby Power Miniature bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey
Bad dose Severe illness
Bad egg A dodgy bloke or a troublemaker
Bag o' Swhag Very Good
Bag of Taytos Packet of cold potato chips
Bags (To make a bags of something) A botched job
Bake Face/mouth
Baldy,as in "I haven't got abaldy" I haven't a clue
Ball A large amount of something
Ball of s#$te Something that's bad
Ball-bag Literally means scrotum,  butactually means total idiot
Balls To mess up
Balls Male genitalia
Ballsch Rubbish
Bang on Right,Accurate,Correct
Banger Old car
Banjaxed Broken -A (Generally Irreversable) State of Disrepair
Bap Bread bun
Barm brack Cake eaten at holloween
Barney Dillons Rhyming slang for shillings –money
Barrelling Rushing around
Barry White Rhyming slang for going for a s#$te
Barse The part of a man's body between his balls and arse
Batch Bread Thick bread,sometimes sliced already
Baths Public swimming pool
Battle cruiser The pub;rhymes with boozer.
Baz Pubic hair
Bazzer Haircut
Be dog wide Be extra vigilant
Be L.O. Keep a look out
Be wide Be careful
Beak Food
Beamer To be embarrassed
Bean-jacks Ladies toilet
Bells The time,e.g.10 Bells (10 o'clock)
Belt Hit someone
Benjy An unpleasant odour
Beor (pronounced bee-yo) Attractive woman
Berco Absolutely rotten drunk
Bettys Women
Bevvies Alcoholic drinks
Beyant Beyond or over there
Bifter Joint,as in "roll a bifter"
Bill Murray Rhyming slang for curry
Bill Skinner Rhyming slang for dinner
Bills Pounds
宾果的翅膀 Flabby underarms on a woman
Bird Girl generally,or girlfriend
Biro Ballpoint pen
Bitch-bag Scrotum or bollocks
Bite the back of my bollox Stop bothering me
Black Very crowded,busy – as in ‘town was black!'
Black Mariah Police van or paddy wagon
Black Stuff Guinness
Blackers Blackberries
Blarney Nonsense
Blather Talk
Bleedin' deadly Brilliant
Blow Hash
划船比赛 Rhyming slang for face
Bobble To walk or to move somewhere
BOBFOC Body Off Baywatch,Face Off Crimewatch,eg."she's a Bobfoc"
Bog Country area
Bog ball A derogatory name for gaelic football
Bogey Snot
Bogger Person from the Countryside
Bogs Public toilets
Bold Naughty
Bolloxed Very drunk
Bolloxed up Screwed up
Bolt Go fast/ run away
Bombardier Type of Irish bus
Bombay Sh*tehawk General colourful insult
Boozer Pub
Boreen Narrow lane or road
Boss Polite generic term when you're chatting to someone
Bottle of water Rhyming slang for Daughter
Bout ye How are you doing?
Bouzzie,Bowsie Young good-for-nothing,who hangs around on street corners
Bowler Dog/ugly person
Bowsie A useless good for nothing usually a male
Box Female genitalia
Boxed off Sorted
Boxin' the fox Robbing an orchard
Boyo Male juvenile delinquent
Brasser Lady of the night
Bread and honey Rhyming slang for money
Brickin' it Nervous to the point of soiling oneself
Brilliant Great,best
Brown Trout Excrement
Brutal Awful,Dreadful
Bucket of dirt Rhyming slang for shirt
Bucket of snots An ugly person
Bucketing Raining very heavily
Bucketing down Raining hard
Buckled Drunk
Bucko Lad,a player
Bud Polite generic term when you're chatting to someone
Buff Red necks
Bunk Off To skip school
Bushed Exhausted/knackered
Business Poo – as in,‘I have to do me business'
Business Cool – as in,‘It's the business'.
Cacks Underwear
Caffler Idiot
Cake-hole Mouth
Can of piss 贬义词。"You'resome can of piss"
Canary,nearly had a Had a fright
Capper A handicapped person
Carpet muncher Lesbian
Carry-on Commotion
Cassie Back yard
Cat Awful,very bad
Cess,bad Bad luck
Cha Tea
Chancer Someone who takes a risk
Cheek Disrespect
Cheese on your chin Your fly is open!
Cheesed Off Angry
Chicken's hash Rhyming slang for cash
Chicken's neck Rhyming slang for check
Chinwag A chat
Chipper Fish and chip shop
Chips French fries
Chiseller Young child
Chokin' thechicken Wank
Chubbed Up The act of having an erection
Chucker-out Doorman/bouncer
Ciotóg Left-Handed
Circling over Shannon Drunk
Cla Brilliant
Clackers Testicles
Clatter A Punch
Clatty Unclean
Clique A group
Close Humid,as in "it's very close"
Cnawvshawling Complaining
Cock Penis
cock and hen Ten
Cock manger Urinals
Cod Having someone on,as in
Cod/Codding ya To pull someone's leg
Cog Copy someone else's work at school
Colcannon Mashed potatoes,cabbage or kale & butter,served at Halloween
Conditioner (Fabric) Fabric softener
Confo Confirmation (Catholic sacrament)
Conkers Chestnuts
Coodle S#$t
Cooker Stove
Cop on (to yourself) Get a life/don't be so stupid
Cop shop Garda station
Coppertop/ coppernob Gingerhaired person
Corner boy Somebody who hangs around aimlessly on the streets
Covers Bedclothes
Cow Juice Milk
Crack Fart
Crack on Continue on,Get going
Cracker Wonderful
Craic Fun,Gossip,Going on's
Crisps Potato chips (cold)
Crock Bad car
Croker Croke Park in Dublin
Cub Young boy
Culchie A person from the countryside(i.e.outside Dublin)
Current bun Rhyming slang for son
Cute hoor Person who quietly engineers things to their own advantage
Cute hoors Politicians
Cuttie Young girl
Cutty Knife Knife for cutting the bread
Da Father
Daisy roots 同韵俚语的靴子
Dander A leisurely stroll
Danny boy Twenty pounds in money
Davy crockett Pocket
Deadly Brilliant,Fantastic,Great
Deadner,give a To knee someone in the side of their thigh
Dear Expensive
Dekko Look at,inspect
Delira and Excira Delighted and Excited
Delph Crockery,cups,saucers etc
Dense Stupid or thick
Desperate Terrible
Diabolical Really terrible
dick van dyke bike
Dickey Dazzler An over dressed man
Diddies Breasts
Dig Punch or slap
Divil Devil
Do a Bunk/Flit Sneak off,usually to avoid paying a bill,the rent,etc.
Dodgy Mechanically suspect
狗和骨头 Rhyming slang for Phone
Dog's Bollocks / Mutt's Nuts / Puppy'sPrivates The real deal
Doing a line Courting,seeing someone
Doing the rat race Driving through housing estates to avoid the traffic
Donkey's years For a very very long time
Doorstep A sandwich made with thickly cut bread
Dope Idiot
Dosser Someone not working or is messing 亚博app官方下载about,up to no good
Dote A lovely little thing,usually a baby or a nice person
Down the Swanie Down the drain
Doxie A lady of the night who plies her trade on the docks
Drain da snake Have a piss,take a leak
Drawers Underwear,usually ladies'
Dressed to the nines Done up,in your Sunday best
Drink Link A bank ATM
Dry s#$te A dull,boring person
Dry up Shut up!
Dry your arse Shut up and stop acting like a child.
Dub A Dubliner.A ‘True Blue Dub' is praise.
Dublin 4 / D4 A Dublin postcode,but usuallyrefers to a posh person
Duds Clothes
Dummy/Dummy Tit Pacifier
转储(一) Sitting on the toilet,doing a #2 !
Earwiging Listening in on a private conversation
Eat the head off To give out to someone
Eatin' house Restaurant
Eccer Homework (from exercises)
Eejit Complete fool,doing something silly
Eff off Polite yabo88足彩swear word (for the F word)
Effin' and Blindin' yabo88足彩Swearing and Cursing
Elephants Drunk
Erection section Slow set at a disco
Fag Cigarette
Fair play! Well done!
Fairy lights Another name for Christmas lights
Falling from me,it's Polite way of saying "I've got the runs"
Fanny Female genitalia
Far east Rhyming slang for priest
Far wack,the Over on the opposite side.
Fart around To fool around
Feck Used instead of the other F word
Feck Off Go away (polite version),used to show surprise or shock
Fecky the Ninth Complete idiot
Fella A man
Fib A lie
Fierce Very Good,Great,Excellent
Fine thing Good looking man or woman
Fire away Continue,go ahead
Fiver 5 pound note
Fla/Flah Very attractive person
Flagon Large 2-litre bottle,usually cider
Flah'ed out Exhausted
Flahulach Flamboyant,also very generous,throwing money around
Flaming Drunk
Flea Rake A comb
Flicks Movies,pictures
Flied Lice Rice (in Chinese take-away accent)
Flitters Tattered and torn
Flog Sell
Floozie Woman of dubious moral attributes
Flummoxed Puzzled
Flute Penis
Fluthered Very Drunk
Fly Cemetery Currant bun
Flying low,you're Your zip is undone
Follier-upper A serial at the pictures (movies).To be continued …
Fool eegit idiot
Fooster Fiddling 亚博app官方下载about
Foostering Wasting time
Foundered Freezing cold
Fry Fried breakfast (typically sausage,bacon,eggs and pudding)
GAA Gaelic Athletics Association
Gack A foolish or stupid person
Gaff 家to have a ‘ free gaff ‘ means you are home alone
Gallery Great fun
Galya Baby
Gameball OK
Gammy Crooked,or odd looking
Gander Quick glance
Ganky Ugly,unpleasant woman
Gansey Sweater,jersey,pullover
Garden hose Rhyming slang for nose
Gargle Alcohol – to go out drinking
Garrison Game Football / soccer
Gary Glitter Rhyming slang for your s#$tter or arse
Gas Funny or Amusing
Gasún (gossoon) Child
Gasur Young boy
Gatch An unusual way of walking e.g.look at the gatch on him
Gawk To stare rudely
Gear Good clothes
Gee,Gee-box Female genitalia
Gee-bag General term of abuse
Gee-Eyed Drunk
George raft Rhyming slang for draught (breeze from an open window/door)
Gersha Young girl
Get off with (someone) Make out
Get on like a house on fire To get on real well with someone
Get Outta That Garden Fun phrase used in a conversation to get a laugh,reaction
Gick S#$t
Gicker Your bottom
Gift Excellent,unexpected surprise
Gimp An undeveloped weedy adult male
Gingernut Redheaded person
Git Rotten person
Give A s#$te (Couldn't) care less
Give Out To criticize someone
Gizmo A thing or most often a guitar
Go on outta that No way in hell or you're pulling my leg
Gob Mouth
Gobber A spit (of the green kind)
Gobs#$te Socially inept person and / or complete fool
Gobsmacked Very surprised
Go-car Baby's pushchair
Gollier A big,fat spit of phlegmy stuff
Gom,Gombeen Idiot
Gooter Penis
Goozer Kiss
Gouger A dangerous knacker/thief
Gouger Aggressive male
Government artist A person on social security
Gowl Stupid person/idiot
Grand Fine,nice
Gregory peck Rhyming slang for neck
gregory pecks Rhyming slang for specs (glasses)
Growler Female genitalia (hairy growler)
Guard Policeman
Guff Nonsense or smell
Gullier A large marble used when playing along the road kerb
Gummin' Salivating,dying for something e.g.I'm gummin' for a pint.
Gur cake A dense fruit cake
Gurrier Hooligan
Gut Stomach
Gutties Trainers,sports shoes
Half a bubble off true Not the full shillin';eejit
Half scotch Rhyming slang for watch
Hambone Rhyming slang for phone
Hames 一片混乱,“工作的他做了一个正确的树”
Hard Neck Cheek
Hard Tack Spirits (usually whiskey)
Hardchaw Tough Guy
Hash To mess up
Haven't got a baldy No chance
Haven't got asnowball's chance in hell No chance
Having the painters in Having your period
Head Friend or pal e.g.How's it going head?
Head the ball Foolish person
Header Nutcase,unstable person
Heavin' Thronged/packed i.e the place was heavin' last Saturday
Heel 第一个或最后一块一块面包
Heifer An ugly country woman (she looks like a cow)
Hick or Hickey/Hickster (a/n) Unfashionable
High babies Senior infants' school
Hit and miss Piss
Hobnails The knuckles of the fist
Hockeyed Heavily defeated
Hogan's Goat Kept woman
Hole Arse
Hole in the wall ATM
Holliers Holidays!
Holy Joe Self Righteous person
Holy show Disgrace
Hoofed Walked
Hooley Party or celebration
Horrors Drunk,e.g.I was in the horrors last night
Horses and asses Glasses
Hot Rocks The burning bits of hash/paper that flake off from the business end of ajoint.
How's she cuttin'? Hi,How are you,What's news?
How's the form? How are you?
How's the talent? Is there anyone good looking/ interesting 亚博app官方下载about?
Howya Hi,Hello
Hump,the Sulking
Hunkers,on your Crouching down (squatting)
Hurl To play hurling.A hurley stick.To vomit.Or to throw.
I am in me wick You must be joking!
I could eat a baby's arse through thebars of a cot I'm hungry
I could eat the lamb o' Jayjus throughthe rungs of a chair I'm very hungry
I will in me brown I won't!
I will in me ring Certainly not!
I'd eat a farmer's arse through ablackthorn bush! I'm hungry
If I were mad,I would! I certainly won't
Indian joes Toes
I've a mouth on me I'm hungry
I've a throat on me I'm thirsty
Jabs Breasts
Jack in the box A dead Dublin man
Jacked Tired
Jackeen A rural person's name for a Dubliner
Jacks Toilet
Jaded Very tired,knackered
Jam jar Car
Jam on your egg Wishful thinking;will never happen
Jam Rags Sanitary towels aka brillo pads
Jammer Stolen car
Jammers Very crowded,busy
Jammin Having your period
Jammy Lucky
Janey Mack! Gosh,really?
Japers! Gosh,really?
Jar A pint
Jaysus Jesus
Jibber Person afraid to try new things
jimmy joyce Voice
Jip Sperm
Jo Maxi Taxi,Cab
Johnny Condom
Johnny ray Head honcho/boss
Johnny-jump-up Pint of guinness mixed with Bulmers (cider)
Joy (The) Mountjoy Prison in Dublin
Joyce Ten pounds in money
Juicy Cute
Kick in the bollocks,a A laming blow to the male genitalia with a foot.or very bad news
Kimberley's Local biscuits,used to be made by Jacob's
Kip A dump of a place and also a sleep
Kitchen sink Chink
Knacker Drinking To drink outside illegaly
Knackered Exhausted,Tired
Knacker's yard An abattoir
Knickers Ladies' underwear also Don't get ur knickers in a twist
Knick-knacking Ringing a doorbell and running away
Knicks Sports shorts
Knob Penis
Knobs Breasts
Knock someone up Call around to someone's house on business
Knocked up Pregnant
Lack Girlfriend/sex slave
Ladhb Awkward looking lad.
Lady Muck A stuck-up woman
Lamped him out of it,I I really hit the guy hard,knocked him out
Langer Penis
Langers Drunk
Lash 3 meanings – To rain hard,To make an attempt at something or To go outdrinking
Lashing Raining hard
Lashings A lot i.e.lashings of food
Laudy daw Snob
Lay off! Leave me alone,stop it!
Layin' a cable Taking a crap
Leg it Run away quickly
Legger,do a To abscond from the scene
Legging (it) Moving at pace!
Letting on Pretending
Life of Reilly Carefree,hedonistic
Lift Elevator
Like a blue-arsed fly Running around,hectically busy
Little green man A small bottle of Jameson's
Loaf To head butt someone
Local,the The nearest pub
Lock in When a pub locks people in after hours so the pub looks closed from theoutside
Locked Very drunk
Longers Long trousers
Loopers Crazy
Lose the head To lose control and start a fight
Low babies Junior infants' school
Lurching Slow dancing up close
Lush A bit of a drinker
Ma Mother
Malarky Tomfoolery
Mangled Drunk
Manky Dirty,Flithy,Disgusting
Mantelpiece Ornamental area around a fireplace
Márla Plasticine
Mary Hick,Mary Banger Unfashionable female
Massive Brilliant,deadly
Master The best,expression of approval."It's the master"
Me arse and Katty Barry! Yeah sure!
Me ould segotia,me ould sweat,me ouldflower Best friend
Mebbs Genitals
Melted Very tired
熔炼工 A pain in the ass
Mentaller Crazy guy
Messages Shopping,groceries
Messing Playing around
Mickey Child's name for a penis
Midden A sloppy person
Middling So-so,neither good nor bad
Millie up! A fight going to start
Milling Fighting
Mince pie Eye
Mind yourself Be careful
Mineral Soft drink
Mingin' Dirty,manky
Mink Traveller
Missed by a gee hair Just missed
Mitch To skip school
Mi-wadi Body
Molly Effeminate
Molly coddle Over protect
Moran Fool
Mortaller Mortal sin
Mortified Highly Embarrassed
Mot Girlfriend (Dublin slang)
Motherless Drunk
Mouldy Lousy/rotten
Muck Soil
Muck Savage Mountain man
Mudguard Part of a bicycle that protects the rider from wheel splashes
Mulchie or Munchie Somebody who lives in the country
Muppet Fool,idiot
Murder Very difficult or to really want to do something
Muzzy A little brat
Naggin A small bottle of alcohol,particularly vodka
Narky Cranky
Nat-king Dole;comes from nat king Cole (rhyming slang)
Nawful Terrible
Ned Excrement sim.to dump
Nicker Money;50 nicker=50 quid/pounds
Nifty Very useful
Nifty 50 Honda 50cc motorcycle
Ninty to the dozen,going Going very fast
Nip Nude,as in ‘I saw her in the nip'
Nits Head lice
Nixer Job done for cash to avoid tax
Noggin Head
Norn Iron Northern Ireland
Norrier,the The North Circular Road in Dublin
Not the full shilling Not fully sane
Now you're sucking diesel You have solved or understand a problem
Nrth & south Mouth
Numbs Drunk,e.g.I was in the numbs last night
Nunny bunny Five pounds in money
Nuts Mad
Odds Loose change
Off licence Liquor store,place to buy take away booze
Off me face Really high on drugs or alcohol
Off the drink Means you're not drinking for a while
Off your nut Crazy – ‘That fella's off his nut'
Old Lady Mother
Old Man Father
Oliver twist Wrist
Omadhaun Bit of a fool
On the Doss To be goofing off
On the never never On Hire Purchase
On the pig's back In a celebratory mood
On the piss Pub crawl,out drinking
On the tear Going drinking
One and One Fish and chips i.e.One and One Cod
One and other Brother
Ones and twos Shoes
Ossified Drunk
Oul Dear / Oul Wan Your Mother,Mom
Oul Doll Girlfriend (Pronounced: Owl-Doll)
Oul Fella Your Father,Dad
Oxters Armpits
Package of crips A packet of potato crisps
Pain in the hole Pain in the ass
Paralytic Very drunk
Paralytic Very drunk
Patio people Smokers who have been forced outdoors
Pave To rob something
Pedal and crank Wank
Peeler Policeman
Peggy dell Smell
Pelt Skin
Pelting Throwing objects or pelting with rain
Petrified Drunk
Piece of piss So easy;it was a ‘piece of piss'
Pile o's#$te Terrible
品脱的平原 A pint of Guinness
Piped telly Cable television
Piss Urinate
Piss in the Beds Dandelions
Piss up Getting drunk
Pissed off Angry
Pisser Going out for a night of big drinking.
Pisshead Someone who's always drunk
Plankin' it Very nervous
Plastered Drunk
Plonker Idiot
Póg mo thóin Kiss my arse
Pogue Kiss
Polluted Drunk
Poppies Potatoes
Porter,a rake of A lot of stout
Posser When you get a wet foot from walking in a puddle of water
Poteen Illegal spirits
Powerful Great,excellent,grand
Praities Potatoes
Pram Baby's pushchair
Press Cupboard
Pruning When you get your testicles grabbed and squeezed hard
Puck Punch
Puke Get sick,vomit
Pull your socks up Get to work/get busy
Pullin' me wire Having a wank
Pulling me plum Doing absolutely nothing
Puss Face,usually sulky
Puss (To have a puss on you) Sulky face
Put a gap in the bush Close the door
Put a Santa hat on it and call itRandal Messed up!
Put the heart crossways in someone You'll give me a heart attack
Putting it on the long finger Putting it off,procrastinating
Quare Great!
Quare hawk Odd fella
Queue up To queue
Quid pound(s);50 quid=50 pounds
Qweer bit of skirt / talent A really attractive woman / man.
Rabbit on Talk a lot
Rag order Disorganised
Rake A great amount of anything
Rashers Pieces of bacon;female genetalia
Raspberry tart Heart
Rat Squealer;some one who tells on you.
Re-calibration Any amount of time spent with the AA – (Alcoholic's Anonymous)
Reddener Blush
Redser Somebody with red or ginger hair
Reef Beat (a person) up
Ride An attractive person to have sex
Ri-Ra Fun and excitement
Riverdance The act of commiting suicide in the Shannon."so and so did TheRiverdance"
Rock ‘n' roll Having sex
Ronnie Moustache – after movie star,Ronald Coleman
Root Search
Rosie Lee Tea
Rossie Brat
Row (rhymes with cow) Fight
Rub-a-dub-dub The pub
Rubber Pencil eraser
Rubber as in "I was rubber lastnight" My legs were made of rubber I had so much to drink
Rubber Dollies Running shoes
Rubber Johnny Condom
Ructions Loud arguing or commotion
Rugger Bugger Someone posh,loud and loves Rugby
Runners Trainers,everyday sports shoes
Rushers/wellies Wellington boots
S#$te Something that's bad quality
S#$te hawk General term of abuse
S#$tter Toilet
S#$ttin' bricks Very nervous
Sambos Sandwiches
Sap Wimp
Savage Great,Brilliant
Scab Ugly woman/man
Scaldy Scabby,stingy
Scallion Spring onion
Scalped To get a short haircut
Scanger Stupid female
Scarlet Very embarrassed
Scatter Run away from something
Scon Amorous encounter
Scooby doo Clue
Score Twenty (20)
Score As in to succeed in getting a one night stand
Scotch peg Leg
Scram! Go away!
Scran Food
Scrap Fight
Scratcher Bed
Scrawbed Scratched by fingernails – usually in a fight
Screwed Fecked,in trouble
Scrubber Female of low morals
Scundered/scunderated Embarrassed
Scuttered Drunk
Scutters/Squitters Diarrhoea
Scutting Catching a ride by hanging from the back of a moving truck and thenjumping off
Session Drinking all day long,typically starting before noon
Shades Police
Shag,to Have sex
Shagged Tired
Shaggin' General adjective used like Feckin'
Shaper Young guy who takes up a lot of space when he struts around.
Shattered Exhausted
Sheila A pet name for a promiscuous girl.
Shenanagans Carry-on/horse-play
Shift Kiss
Shiner Black eye
Shlossed Very drunk
Shook Looks very unwell e.g."he looked shook"
Shore Outside ( your kitchen door) drain
Shorts Shots or mixed drinks
Shower of savages A crowd,out to have a raucous time but being a bit of a nuisance!
Shrapnel Loose change
Skawly Horrible
Skin Friend
skin and blister Sister
Skinny Lowdown,gossip e.g.gis the skinny on me ol' mate
Skins The papers used to roll a joint ora cigarette
Skiver Someone who avoids work
Sky diver A fiver (5 pounds)
Slag Same as scrubber
Slagging Having someone on,making fun of them
Sláinte Cheers (literally Health!)
Slapper Scrubber or a slut
Slash To urinate
Sleeveen Devious and sly person,usually referring to someone from outside Dublin
Sliced Pan Bread bought already cut into thinnish slices
Slinjing Dragging your heels
Slug Mouthful of a drink – gis a slug
Snapper Child
Snaps Photographs
Snared rapid Caught doing something one shouldn't have been doing
Sneachta Cocaine (snow)
Snitch,Squealer,Squaler Informant
Snobby Weather!! "Are you choosing to ignoreme?" (usually meant in humour)
Snog,Shift Make out with or get off with someone
Snot Nasal discharge
Snot rag 手帕
Snug Pub booth
Soft as s#$te Soft in the head
Soother Pacifier,dummy
Sore Finger Salt and vinegar (in Chinese take-away accent)
Sorry Means Sorry and also Excuse me,Pardon me
Sound Really good
Spa Someone who hasn't got good co-ordination
Specky Four-Eyes Anyone who wears glasses (kid's nickname)
Speedy Police motorbike
Sprog Kid
Spud Typical nickname for someone with the surname Murphy
Spuds Potatoes
Squid Same as quid
Squizz A look-see
Stabber The last 1/4 of a cigarette – "leave us a stabber"
Stalk Penis
Stay easy Relax
Steamed,Steamboats Very drunk – "we're getting steamed (steamboats) tonight"
Steever A kick in the backside
Stinky/Stinkies S#$t
Stocious Drunk as a lord
Stop the lights! Jayzuz,really?!
Story?(What's the) Hi,What's happening
Strand Beach
Streal Looking down and out;Like astreal
Strides Trousers
Stroked To be proved wrong
Struggle and strife Wife
Stung Embarrassed after getting caught doing something ye shouldn't
Swimming trunks Mens' bathing suit
Tackies Runners/trainers
Taig Catholic
Tan An English person
Tenner 10 pound note
Tennis racket Jacket
That's Arthur Guiness talking When someone is talking rubbish while under the influence
That's Right To agree with someone
The Pale Anywhere in the region of Dublin
There'll be wigs on the green There'll be hell to pay
Thick Extremely stupid
Thick as a (short) plank Stupid
Thick as a brick Stupid
Thick as a ditch Really stupid person
Throw shapes Show off,sometimes agressively
Thruppenny bits Tits
Thunder & Lightning Knock like thunder,run like lightning
Tiddler Reference to small fish or child
Tinker Gypsy/travelling person/insulting term for a low-class female
Tip Garbage dump/dirty,messy place – ‘That pub is an awful tip'
Toe-rag A useless bollix
Togs Swimming trunks
Tonne/ton One hundred
Tool Idiot,penis
Tosser Wanker
Touched A strange individual
Toucher Someone who is always looking for a handout
Touchin' cloth Dying for a crap
Town City Centre or even the local town!
Traipse Walk aimlessly
Trap Mouth
Trick-acting Horse-play,messing 亚博app官方下载about,showing off
Tricolour Irish flag
Trinners Trinity College Dublin
Tripe Bbulls#$t
Turf Accountant Betting shop for horse or greyhound racing
Twisted Very drunk
Twistin' hay Means you're starting trouble,usually in a playful way
two by four Door
Two-bulb Squad car
Tyre biter See Bowler
Uncle ned Head
Undy-grundy Wedgie
Up ‘a duff Pregnant
Up the flue / In the family way Pregnant
Up the pole Pregnant
Up the yard! Be off with ya!
Up to ninety Near boiling point,ready to explode
Use As in,was such ‘n' such any use?– Meaning was it any good?
Vera lynns Skins
Vexed Upset
Vitamin G Pint of Guinness
Vixen Cute woman
Wafer Ice cream sandwiched between two flat wafers
Wagon Ugly female
Wall-falling Knackered,exhausted
Walrus Fifty pounds in money
Wanker An uninteresting person,usually someone you can't stand
Want in him,there's a He's a bit slow
Warped Very drunk
Warped,F%$ked up,Twisted Strange
Waster Someone who's completely useless
Weapon It's great
Wee Folk Leprechauns of course
West Brit Excessively anglophile
Wet the tea Make tea
Whaya looking at? What are you looking at?
Whiff or Whack A smell
Whist Keep quiet
Why don' cha? Ironic comment meaning "you better not!"
Wick Crap
Wire Mickey,penis
Wise Up,Kop On Use your head,wake up!
Wojus Poor or bad
Work away 继续你正在做的事情
Wrecked tired
Wrote Off Very Enebriated
Y-Fronts Men's briefs
Yockers Balls
Yoke A thing
Yonks A long time
You couldn't hit a cow's arse with abanjo Bad aim
Young Fella (male) or Young One(female) Young man or Young woman
Young wan A Young Lady
Youngfella Generic term for a youth (male)
Youngwan Generic term for a youth (female)
Your head's up your arse You don't know what you're talking 亚博app官方下载about
Your hole Having sex
Your Man (male) or Your Woman(female) Referring to someone you are talking 亚博app官方下载about
Your only man Something that you can rely on
Yoyo Euro
Z Sleep

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