Funny Twitter Olden Style!!

I was mucking 亚博app官方下载about on推特前几天,and a bizarre thought popped into my head – can you imagine what would have been Tweeted if Twitter was around in ‘模拟次数‘.

Actually,I remember模拟次数during my lifetime!你知道吗-比如记录andcassette players,and where one had to actually go into the bank to withdraw money!!

Oops,I'm showing my age!!


But I was thinking – can you imagine if Twitter was around during some of the Explorer years,or through some of history's major events??


Twitter in Analogue Times

Here are 10 examples (all under 140 characters in length),with theoretical Twitter Account Names:

  1. @Magellan– Ha,I was right – the world is NOT flat!😉
  2. @GenghisKhan– Looking forward to another great day of pillaging.
  3. @GeneralCuster– Where the hell did all those Indians come from?No LOL 🙁
  4. @MarcoPolo– What's this long,极瘦的,看起来像硬小麦的东西??
  5. @ NeilArmstrong– I cnt txt thru ths thck spce glves.
  6. @ChristopherColumbus– I'vefound India!哇哦!!
  7. @firstfleenchist(第一次去澳大利亚时)–给我在英国的朋友们的小费–偷一条面包!!
  8. @ChineseWallBuilder– Are there any more Mongolian-proof bricks coming?我跑完了!!
  9. @Noah– Hey fellow Tweeters – what kind of umbrella can you recommend for a really heavy shower??
  10. @PharoahCheops——期待今天在吉萨检查一些三维三角形的施工进度。

This is the only the beginning – can you think of other moments in history (or ‘模拟次数‘) and how Twitter could have been used to convey them?If so,通过评论留下你的建议。


If you're still bamboozled by Twitter,check outTwitter For Dummies.

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· August 29,2009 at 12:52 pm

This is hilarious.作为我的老师,我真的很感激!I would totally bring this into my high school classrooms and have them write their own out!孩子们也会喜欢的……我们在读了《罗密欧与朱丽叶》的Facebook版本之后,才读到了它……它很棒,帮助孩子们建立了一些联系。
.-= Jen´s last 亚博客户端下载blog ..Friendship Fountain-Jacksonville,佛罗里达州=

Geoff · August 31,2009 at 2:56 am

哈哈!Very funny.我也读过《创世纪》(圣经,not Phil Collins!) with God creating groups of Light,The Heavens etc.then becoming friends with Adam and Eve!Old and New makes for good humour!!
.-= Geoff´s last 亚博客户端下载blog ..Preparations… =-.

morishige 10月27日,2009 at 4:25 pm

真是个笑话!very funny.:mrgreen:


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