Ever moved out of home for the first time and wondered onHow To Do The Laundrybecause your parents had done it all for you over the past couple of decades?

好,there's an inventive way that clothing manufacturers in China have create to remind you on how to do it properly before you chuck all of your smelly clothes into the washing machine!

但在我到那里之前,其实没那么难。Here are some life hacks from me.


  1. Separate your whites and colours if you don't want your whites becoming colours.You can read the labels,right?
  2. 如果你的一些衣服说“分开洗”,do them in another load!
  3. Chuck your clothes in the washing machine.
  4. 将洗衣粉或洗衣粉放入洗衣机。
  5. Select the appropriate cycle.If you are a filthy pig and roll around in mud or day,that's what's called a heavy load.Everything else is pretty much regular,除非你有易碎品。
  6. 打开洗衣机走一会儿。
  7. When washing machine is finished,your clothes are washed!
  8. 把衣服挂在晾衣绳上,让它们在阳光下晒干。如果下雨,如果你有,把它们放进干衣机里。
  9. Put clothes into clothes basket.
  10. 如果衣服需要熨烫,就熨一下。
  11. If they don't need clothes,put them away.
  12. 穿衣服。
  13. 把脏衣服放进洗衣篮。
  14. Go back to point #1 and start again.

你走吧!With these amazing laundry tips,你甚至会学会如何清理我自己的傻瓜旅行服装,including my awesome travel t-shirt!

另外,你还可以弄清楚如何不把你所有有趣的T恤衫都塞进衣服里,including the ‘一定要这么高才能骑‘,’National Pornographic‘,’我爱笨蛋‘,’Amsterdam Microsoft Windows‘ and theDavid Boon Shirts.

Anyway,back to this silly article.我收到了布雷特小调的这张有趣的旅行照片,他一直住在北京,在过去的几年里,中国。Check out his 亚博客户端下载blog atThe Transformed Nonconformist.He sent me the马里伯罗帽!

Here it is!



这是正确的,make the laundry directions as obvious as dog's balls on the back!

  1. ‘How To Do The Laundry'
  2. #Hand Wash
  3. #Do Not Tumble Dry

Just brilliant!

How-To-Do-The-Laundry-Directions China Travel 亚博客户端下载Blog

我曾考虑过成为self absorbed fashion 亚博客户端下载blogger曾经,which meant I would have had to have learnt some more laundry tips to take care of all of the expensive clothes all of the high end fashion brands would have wanted me to spruik,but I decided to stay as a scruffy backpacker instead.

Anyway,I should do a trip to China to see what sort of funny clothes I can lay my hands on.

That's if they'd fit me!

Anthony Bianco - The yabo88足彩Travel Tart

旅行开始yabo88足彩是一个澳大利亚旅游博客作家亚博客户端下载who dribbles on 亚博app官方下载about the funny,今天世界旅行的一些古怪的方面。Travel wasn't meant to be taken too seriously!奇怪的是,he's appeared in reputable publications like USA Today,澳大利亚广播公司,and is a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.Check out his the亚博app官方下载 和社交媒体个人资料打招呼或sign up for his silly newsletter!


Footloose小姐 2月20日,2018 at 2:56 am

不,no!不是最好的方向!You have to weigh your loads first!European machines ask you to load by weight.Yes,这是真的!(Not that I have ever done it.生活太短,不能称脏衣服的重量。)你也没有说你必须把清洁剂放在肥皂抽屉的三个部分中的哪一个,或者有多少,and maybe where to put the bleach or the softener if you feel you need it.Doing laundry is a science,你知道的!

转变的不墨守成规者 2月20日,2018 at 12:15 pm


It was printed on the back of a shirt and took up the entire shirt from the collar all the way down to the hem at the bottom.The top said T-SHIRT and then it was followed by the dictionary definition of t-shirt.

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