European Trip: How Train Travel Works

As you would know,I recently went on a欧洲之行with欧洲铁路对法国高速铁路网进行路试,Amsterdam,and Germany.

这让我可以体验到各种各样的酷事情,比如Arc De Triomphe,tasting the very unhealthy费博in Amsterdam,还有剩下的Berlin Wallin Germany.

Now I've been on some horror rail journeys in my time.For example,what was supposed to be a short-ish 5 hour train ride in northern Mororcco,ended up being a 16 hour nightmare as I had foolishly forgot to bring some food with me to keep me focused throughout the trip.The train kept slowing down,then slightly speeding up,没有人知道我们到底在哪里,也不知道要到那里多久。I was so hungry at my destination (Marrakech),that I think I inhaled the first lot of food that neared my nostrils.

And while there were lots of people around,it was nothing like theWorld's Busiest Train Station in Shinjuku,东京,Japan.

Anyway,that didn't happen with the four individual train trips I took with Rail Europe,so here is how train travel in Europe can work for you.

What To Do With A Eurail Pass

I had been especially impressed with the Shinkansen or Bullet Train inJapan.I was amazed at how fast,and on time they were (the Japanese define ‘late' as being more than one minute!).So the high speed European network had a lot to live up to,but this could have been made more complex by dealing with multiple companies and countries – there are over 40 partners in the Rail Europe network,and over 200,他们之间的铁路网长达1000公里,这听起来像是灾难的前兆!!

However,这个欧洲铁路网站is a central point that has all of the rail companies in one place,有了所有的时间表和时间,您可以根据自己的喜好预订机票和通行证,instead of going to each individual company's website.You can book single journeys,but a cheaper and better way,especially if you are going to be travelling more than once,购买一张通行证,在规定的旅行时间内允许一定数量的旅行。This is great if you know where you want to go in advance.For me,我有一张15天的通行证,很适合我。This is usually cheaper than flying!!

Basically,你来到车站,show your ticket,and hop on board.If you have a pass,你必须填写旅行日期,并检查一下。但就是这样!亚博app官方下载有些火车有座位预定,some don't,but it doesn't seem to matter.

The comfort levels in the trains I went on were very good.不像在飞机上,you can wander between carriages to stretch your legs.This is an example of the cabins in the German ICE services.

European Trip Train Travel & Eurail Pass Review

乘火车旅行的其他好处包括,所有的服务通常直接从一个城市中心到另一个城市中心,where there is usually other connecting services like a metro to take you to where you need to go,which can save on costly transfers from the airport.

高速服务就是这样。This is an example of a train going really slow!!


Sometimes,the different conditions on the different carriers can be a little confusing,但实际上,如果你只是出示欧洲铁路通行证,售票员看了看,通常没有问题。

There is always someone on the train who speaks English,so there was no problem with a language barrier.


我制作了一个快速视频,让你了解欧洲的火车旅行是什么样子的——注意,I reached 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour) a lot of the time!一点感觉都没有!!


我接受的所有服务都是准时的,除了一个,and even after that,the service were offering a 50% refund for compensation!That's never happened to me before when a train was slightly late!!

Look,the system isn't perfect,but because of the comfort levels,方便,and pricing,it's often worth travelling around Europe by train when compared to the airline option,as the infrastructure,schedule,and destinations usually match up with what you want to experience.

More European Trip Stuff

I don't think Rail Europe is silly enough to appear in the very crazy欧洲之行movie.但我确实很享受我在欧洲的第一次高速铁路旅行的经历,并且会再次体验。

免责声明:欧洲铁路公司为我提供了这次旅行,but opinions are my own.


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