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看看有趣的嫉妒的sign of the week below. Personally,I love the嫉妒的signs that come from日本and other Asian nations.事实上,有时他们可能来自以英语为第一语言和官方语言的国家!!

I get a big kick on how things don't translate well between languages,从而创造出各种有趣的符号和有趣的翻译。对一个人来说可能是完全无辜的,可能对另一个人有完全不同的意义!!


对,你得再看看这个嫉妒的sign!This sign is commonly seen on the impeccable public transport system in Japan.我从未体验过这么快的公共交通,干净,在世界其他任何地方都是高效合理的。但有时,地铁上的标志,火车和子弹头火车让你三思而后行!!


Upon the first viewing,the sign below seems to say the following people need to have preferential seating:

  • 勃起的男人
  • 情人做女牛仔
  • men with beer guts
  • 生孩子的女人!!
But have a closer read of the article and all become clear!Maybe!!

Engrish Funny & Amusing Japanese Sign Photo Translation of The Week


滑稽地说,you can read more at英格兰的乐趣,,中式英语:在翻译中发现!andHere Speeching American: A Very Strange Guide to English as It Is Garbled Around the World.

为了我,就像Monty Pythonsketch where约翰克里斯走进一家商店,手里拿着一本不准确的英汉词典,他开始说“之类的话。”My Hovercraft is full of eels,do you want to come back to my place for bouncy bouncy"!!

在我的汇编中查看更多俄语俚语,Spanish yabo88足彩Swear WordsandFunny German Slang.

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