This is a big statement,但是坐商务舱Emirates A380was the best flight I've ever taken in my life!比坐在老飞机上更令人愉快俄罗斯铁锈桶应该在家里的博物馆里,not still in actual use!对,I'm still alive to tell the tale after that experience.

更好的是,从你的基地飞到另一个国家要花3个小时,没有什么比这更豪华的了,在另一边下车几个小时,在葡萄园里喝点酒。玛丽亚别墅酒厂,然后在同一天再次飞回家。That's the silliest and longest day trip (in terms of distance) that I've ever undertaken to drink wine!

Sometimes,I can't believe that a silly travel 亚博客户端下载blog opens doors like this!


No,我没有在街上推销自己来完成这次旅行。我被邀请参加从布里斯班到奥克兰的阿联酋A380公路测试,作为媒体旅行的一部分。这次飞行是庆祝首次预定空中客车A380航班进驻布里斯班和奥克兰in New Zealand.You can see more 亚博app官方下载about this with my interview with阿联酋昆士兰经理Tim Shepherd.

可以,I didn't pay for this experience,but I'm pissed off that I went on this flight – because every other plane I fly on is going to be a complete let down compared to this!

让我们来看看阿联酋A380的各个方面。This one was only a week old!

Emirates A380 – Business Class

我很幸运能飞起来Emirates Business class on the Boeing 777on a  trip back fromDubai2012。但空客A380的商务舱则是另一个层次。

首先,the A380 is really quiet and noise levels are significantly lower than any other plane I've travelled on.The Business Class seats are very comfy and stretch out so you can have a decent sleep.如果你觉得有点渴,那里甚至还有一个小酒吧,再加上一个超宽的屏幕,可以观看阿联酋土地上数以百万计的娱乐频道。


But if you're really bored after watching the thousands of channels available on the in flight entertainment system,你可以坐商务舱的后面去酒吧,和其他乘客一起喝几杯。这是正确的,如果你不能坐着站着(或更可能,lying) in your comfortable seat that won't give you deep vein thrombosis,you can go down the back of the upper deck and have a few drinks.


Emirates-A380-Business-Class-Bar Air Travel




Now,我没有坐头等舱,但我被允许在里面偷看。You might have to mortgage the house to fly in here,但那会很好的!有些人生活在这样一个小得多的空间里,远不那么奢华!


I thought the standard in Business Class was insane until I viewed First Class (unfortunately,机组人员不让我呆在那里,而且我显然没有足够的甜言蜜语!).头等舱要大得多,and there is even a shower and spa there if you don't want to freshen up at the airport – you can do it on the plane before you land!


这是我在Emirates A380


是的,that's crazy stuff.我也在飞机的尖头和飞行员聊了一会。I wondered if they used something like a Playstation to practice landing at airports that they've never flown into before.但显然,阿联酋航空公司比这要先进得多,他们让他们的飞行员经过数小时的3D模拟器练习时间!


Previously,I've also travelled in Emirates Economy Class previously and this is a pretty good standard as well compared to other airlines I've been on.阿联酋A380也有移动电话漫游和Wi-Fi,而不是你真正需要使用它!为了让我有更多的时间!

Once again,I've never taken a plane to go overseas on a day trip to sip wine.必须有人来做……

Villa-Maria-Winery-Auckland Air Travel


Anyway,it's going to take a lot to top this flight.如果我能一直这样旅行,我会的!

对,酋长国为我提供了这种经验,but all silly opinions are my own.


旅行开始yabo88足彩是一个Australian Travel 亚博客户端下载Blogger and Writer谁在开玩笑,亚博app官方下载offbeat and weird aspects of world travel today.旅行不应该太认真!奇怪的是,he's appeared in reputable publications like USA Today,澳大利亚广播公司,是澳大利亚旅游作家协会的成员。看看他的亚博app官方下载 和社交媒体个人资料打招呼或报名参加他的愚蠢通讯!


双智能钥匙 · October 15,2013在下午4:46

We were in economy on emirates A380 recently and we thought that was amazing,so can only imagine the Business class experience!我们简直不敢相信它和其他飞机相比有多安静和宽敞

    旅行达人安东尼yabo88足彩 · October 15,2013点:下午7点59分

    I've been on Economy too and found it to be one of the best out there – but the Business Class was superb.Makes me want to take it on every flight!

玛莎 · October 29,2013年下午12:55

哇,看起来太棒了。I've heard such amazing things 亚博app官方下载about Emirates but it's even better than I thought.Us common folk could never afford that first class (a spa?哇!我在加拿大航空公司做过,但是伙计,not even close!看起来是一次有趣的旅行!!!!


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