Efes Pilsen啤酒瓶=超大!

Most people who travel to Australia marvel at the invention that is theStubbie Cooler这些通常是由湿衣服状的材料制成,用来让你的啤酒保持更长时间的冷却。whilst making it comfortable to hold without obtaining frostbite when you are trying to quench your thirst.  Most standardbeer bottleswill fit into one of these coolers – except for one.Efes Pilsen是土耳其啤酒,一滴也不错。喝了一杯就好了完成了地毯的讨价还价.It's a light,pale kind of beer which is nice on a very hot day.

Unfortunately,Efes Pilsen通常装在500毫升的瓶子里,太宽了Stubbie Cooler,hence,一个人必须在它变热之前喝得更快,感觉你只喝剩下的渣滓。

The Efes Pilsen Beer Bottle

I've included a picture of a 500 ml Efes bottle on top of one of my dodgy standard stubbie coolers that I have at home below for comparison.看到了吗,对于斯塔比冷却器来说,它有多宽?(Sorry to my New Zealand friends!——如果我仍然有!)

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然而,the silver lining for this problem is that I guess there is an emerging market out there for an enterprising individual to produceEfes Pilsen-fitting stubbie coolers!Necessity is the mother of invention,所以,也许我应该努力创造一个EFES斯塔比冷却器洪水,成为一个非常富有的人。maybe!

你可以把它和这个“给我买瓶啤酒,I'm Turkish' T-Shirt.Hmm,that might be a little bit daggy actually!

More Efes Pilsen Stuff

更多了解土耳其饮料公司:土耳其啤酒和啤酒厂。ir?t=thetratar-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1158731418 Turkey Travel 亚博客户端下载Blog 好,Efes is the dominant player in the Turkish market,and that's pretty much all you can drink there for most of the time – but that's not such a bad thing!

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尼克 · December 26,2009 at 11:08 am

Hi Tart,
I have a cooler for Efes beer bottles I picked it up in Turkey Anzac Day 2000!The problem it only fits Efes Beer!

sydney electrician·4月5日,2010年下午4:10

I'd like to try this beer.我想知道在悉尼哪里能买到六包EFES啤酒瓶?Do they even sell this beer in Australia?

business cards · May 4,2010 at 9:03 pm

谁知道所有地方的火鸡都是喝好啤酒的好去处?哈哈,谢谢你的提醒。And by the way,I find it very sad that you have to drink it faster than you would like to..

Jim at MoIppai· June 30,2010年上午11:27

I had this Turkish beer recently in Japan and was pretty impressed with it (it came in a more stubbie cooler friendly bottle too).

特内里费南部别墅·11月25日,2010 at 10:11 pm

喝一杯比一种牌子的啤酒更凉的啤酒真糟糕,but i suspose it antoher way for them to amke money :).

iResidence Turkey · January 27,2018 at 2:55 am

the beer cooler thing would of been of great use at summers..too bad it is not Efes Pilsen size.

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