Drinking Games – Springbok Cocktail Drinking Ritual is Riskier than the Drink Itself!!

If you ever get to South Africa,你可能会遇到一些饮酒游戏与国家饮料有关的,theSpringbok Cocktail.不,I don't mean devouring an entire African herbivore that is likely to kick your teeth out if you are foolish enough to chase it!!

斯普林博克是南非国家杯——一种含两种酒精的饮料,含有一层绿色薄荷味利口酒,与漱口水没有什么不同。覆盖着一层奶油状的阿玛鲁拉,a Baileys-like drinkfermented from the native Marula fruit.我很喜欢Amarula——它有独特的味道,我已经把很多朋友变成了它。

Drinking Games – Springbok Time!!

A picture of theSpringbok Cocktail如下所示,让您了解它的外观。

Drinking Riutals Springbok Cocktail South Africa Drinking Ritual

Ironically,喝跳羚鸡尾酒的危险不在于真正的饮料本身,but the drinking ritual associated with downing the shot glass – which is oddly enough,就像一个怪人饮酒游戏one can do.


Believe me,这是一件困难的事情!Especially if you have had a few beers beforehand.

我不在乎我在参加这个仪式时是否洒了酒——我只是希望我的跳羚鸡尾酒喝仪式不像跳羚求偶仪式。causing a mad rush of horny African antelopes to run after me.


不管怎样,enough of that silly stuff.For more information on饮酒游戏,退房低能儿:和朋友一起喝酒游戏,你永远不会忘记。.

But I thought these silly games made you forget a lot of things…

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