Digital Travel and Travel Gadgets – Some Not So Serious!!

Digital Travel是健康的,真正的活着,在这里留下来。

I'm just wondering if anyone remembers analogue travel?你知道的,当你不得不带一个摄影机的时候,film video and had to post stuff home because the backpack was full of tapes and rolls of film??

I remember watching the澳大利亚广播公司系列,Race Around The World in the late 1990's (check out how daggy the website is!).  For those outside of Australia,这是一个电视节目,参赛者必须用磁带记录他们的环球旅行,编辑它们,然后在最后期限前把他们寄回澳大利亚。


With the advent of Digital Travel and newTravel Gadgets,one can now take photos or video footage during the day and upload it that night (or even straight away) for the entire world to see.  If it's something silly or stupid,它甚至可能成为病毒,你可以有你15分钟的网络名声。随着数字旅行的到来,你的东西不再安全!!

所以,什么是Travel Gadgets现在基本上Digital TravelNomad??

Well,这取决于你的观点。让我们看看Digital Travel选项。


Sounds obvious – we want to take memories of our great trip.  That's because it provides us with motivation for another trip when you are staring at your computer wallpaper when chained behind the desk of your work cubicle,或者荧光监狱。

For me,I have a数码单反相机,and I'll never go back to a compact – simply because of the image quality and speed.  I have a Nikon D60 which is almost 2 years old.

Nikon D60 SLR Camera Digital Travel Gadget

这是一个很小的单反,对我来说做得很好。我有18-55毫米的55-200毫米可以拍出精彩镜头的配套镜头。但我想要一个Nikon 18-200mm透镜,因为这将覆盖绝大多数的焦距范围,当旅行时,无需更换镜片。I can fit this camera (and the lenses) into my small ‘man bag' and carry it around all day without the weight pissing me off.

我也带了一个小的,Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens which is great for night shots and special effects.  Other good small SLR's are theNikon D5000,,尼康D3000,,佳能500,奥林巴斯E-510,,宾得K-XSony A350事实上,it doesn't really matter which model you choose – it all comes down to preference!!

一些SLR甚至现在有视频。但是使用SLR as a video recorder也不完全是“隐形价值”。

Alternatively,有数码袖珍相机。由于便携性的原因,这些相机非常好,但图像质量比单反小,and it's much slower.  Pocket cameras are great for a big night out,因为它们放在你的口袋里,你可以一只手拿着啤酒,还有相机和另一个。

If you were really desperate,你可以做手术把相机插进你的眼睛里,像这个家伙.对我来说太刻板了。

Digital Travel Gadget Number Two – Digital Video Camera

Personally,I don't want to see my entire trip through a viewfinder.  But taking video is great for the odd piece of footage which provides that extra dimension to your Digital Travel experience.  You could bring over the entire大卫阿滕伯勒film crew,or something much less compact.  You don't need the flashest gear – the famous‘Battle at Kruger'clip was shot on a handy cam,成为2007年最受欢迎的YouTube视频。



I own the Vado HD,and I love it because it's small,小巧不显眼。看起来像手机,所以它的便携性很好,我仍然可以把它放在我的男人包里Digital SLR.


我讨厌移动电话他们对我来说就像一个情绪化的球和锁链。等待那该死的电话响起来。但是,,on my recent trip to Indonesia,我觉得这很方便。家里的人也可以时不时给你发短信,看看你的进展如何,你可以发短信说你过得很开心。你可以买一个sim card in the country,which usually works out cheaper.


Actually,I found it great when I was texting a transport service,在一辆小货车上请求一个空间。我翻译了一些单词Lonely Planet Indonesia guide,结尾有个便条说我不会说印尼语,and this worked a treat.  They texted me back and booked me a seat!严肃地说,this works!!


你需要一个地方来存储所有的数字旅行垃圾,don't you?你要么通过互联网把它上传到某个地方,or store it before you do.  Storing this may be required,尤其是如果你在偏远地区呆了很长时间,或者在一些互联网速度很差的国家。笔记本laptop,但他们喜欢像我这样的手指大的人。不幸的是,我们的大脑里没有微型芯片来存储所有这些数字旅行数据!但在未来的10年里我们可能会有这样的结果。

这些计算机也支持Wi-Fi,so you can hook up to the internet almost anywhere.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Five – Power Adaptors

All of the DigitalTravel Gadgets需要一种叫做权力的东西来管理他们。有些人已经足够了Travel Gadgets,充电看似简单的行为足以释放一卡车温室气体,淹没整个岛国。但您需要正确的电源充电器和/或插头,以保持您的数字旅行存在。您可以携带单独的适配器,或者现在有一些all in one models.  You can even buy a solar powered charging device that you can plug your stuff into in remote areas as well.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Six – The Remote Controlled Fart Machine

对于像我这样的恶作剧者,,遥控放屁机is a priceless Travel Gadget that is guaranteed to generate many laughs.  Unfortunately,它看起来像遥控炸弹,and it may gain you a cavity search by irate immigration officials.

Remote Controlled Fart Machine

You can read more on a previous article I wrote 亚博app官方下载about theRemote Controlled Fart Machine.

Digital Travel Summary


Well,you bring what is suitable for you.  We all have different Digital Travel needs.  Digital Travel is many things,不仅仅是一件事。

但对我来说,说到背包旅行,我就不客气了。我宁愿少吃点,如果我真的接受了,it needs to be small and light.

我绝对不是Gadget Geek Travel Personality type,我刚才写的。亚博app官方下载

How 亚博app官方下载about you?什么在您的数字旅行努力中很有效?发表评论,发表意见!!

Anyway,enjoy yourDigital Travel!!


The yabo88足彩Travel Tart is an澳大利亚旅游博客作家亚博客户端下载谁在开玩笑,亚博app官方下载今天世界旅行的一些古怪的方面。旅行不应该太认真!看看他的亚博app官方下载 和社交媒体个人资料打招呼或报名参加他的愚蠢通讯!!


Sasha 12月22日,2009点在上午9点08分

我从没想过带着遥控放屁机旅行,亚博app官方下载this sounds like the new age version of a whoopee cushion I can see the potential!!!我可能也要把它加到名单上。很高兴看到你承认自己使用了“男人包”,我认识很多人,他们甚至在自己身上都拒绝承认(不是男人包,这是一个书包,是一个常见的解释)


Trisha Miller 12月22日,2009年上午10:03

哦,安东尼!真的?A remote controlled fart machine?叹息。如果我和你一起去看新闻的话,我会记住要注意你的。
.-=Trisha Miller的最后一篇博客..亚博客户端下载旅游博客如何激励旅游业?亚博客户端下载?=-.

Jennifer @ Approach Guides 12月23日,2009点在凌晨5点51分

Check,检查,检查,检查,check….uh….missed that one!🙂 Hee hee.

Laptopaid12月23日,2009 at 5:12 am

这些小玩意看起来真的很酷,因为所有这些小玩意都很先进,功能也很好。我很高兴知道这一点。亚博app官方下载Anyways keep it up and keep continue.


一个多充电器是必须的。I used to travel with following separate chargers: reflex camera,摄像机cell phone,全球定位系统,laptop,iPod——还有一个我总是忘记的,but I can't remember what it is 🙂

阿利杜哈· December 25,2009 at 9:12 pm


嗯,真的,i never imagine some kind of machine for a joke @travelling hohohoho

HolidaysAndCashOnline1月1日,2010 at 10:58 am



Jules 🙂
.-=HolidaysandcashOnline的最后一个博客..亚博客户端下载Vanuatu Travel Deals=-.

约瑟夫康德隆 1月28日,2010下午1时29分

I liked your advice on SLR lenses.
.-=Joseph Condron的最后一篇博客..亚博客户端下载亚博app官方下载关于伊夫金普卢申科和亚古丁:最伟大的花样滑冰运动员的竞争=-.

awesome stuff1月30日,2010 at 7:48 am

我正在找一部新电话。this helped me make my decision,谢谢!!
.-=Awesome Stuff的最后一篇博客..亚博客户端下载黑珍珠手表?=-.

小型笔记本电脑· February 9,2010点:早上6点27分

它可能不会成为你的前十名,但如果你不能带上一台笔记本电脑或上网本电脑,那么至少要带上一个带着便携式互联网浏览器的USB跳跃驱动器。this way you can plug the USb stick into any computer and have your email accounts bookmarks etc right with you and operate from any computer as you travel.这样可以确保安全,而不会将浏览历史记录留在您使用的计算机上。

Gerry笔记本电脑包· March 6,2010 at 4:04 am

我喜欢小玩意儿,但最重要的是,我喜欢将多种功能结合在一起的小工具,我的手机有个像样的照相机,做文本,与Skype的互联网连接,和电子邮件。I have an all in one adapter although I am often challanged when configuring it for a new country.我的座右铭是将小工具的数量保持在最小,并且每个函数的作用都达到最大。
.-= Gerry Laptop Carry Bags´s last 亚博客户端下载亚博app官方下载blog ..About us.=-.

canon digital slr3月25日,2010点:下午3点11分

.-=Canon Digital SLR的上一篇博客..爸亚博客户端下载爸们为家庭照片选择一个相机=-.

小工具信息 3月30日,2010 at 6:19 pm

yeah..i love gadget 🙂

盖尔·佩斯库德 4月9日,2010 at 5:00 am

这是我一直在找的。And I'm old enough to remember the rolls of film.We spent $2000 alone processing photos from Italy some years ago.I don't like gadgets and don't want to do the research so this is perfect.酷。
.-= Gayle Pescud´s last 亚博客户端下载blog ..普通人,感知,Attitude and Change=-.

Adriana Campbell4月25日,2010 at 1:47 pm


Nichole · July 12,2010年上午10:24

Remote fart machine lol now there is a quality product 🙂 lots of interesting gadgets here,谢谢你的信息!!

特里· July 12,2010在下午1:08

我喜欢我的翻盖相机。I can take it anywhere and then when I get home I can get still photos from it also along with the video.伟大的博客!亚博客户端下载!

卡蒂亚 10月5日,2010点在上午9点37分

I travel with all of those except the fart machine (although my phone could have one as an app somewhere on there :p)


A@ Semi Trucks10月14日,2010点:下午4点16分

I like two gadgets more from above six gadgets.一个是数码摄像机,另一个是手机。我觉得这是旅行中最必要的工具,下次旅行我会用遥控放屁机。


I've heard of using humor in your posts….but a fart machine???🙂 Seriously,非常好的博客,有一些亚博客户端下载好主意……我使用其中一些,比如在我的手机上拍照,然后把照片发到我的电子邮件里。Makes posting on craigslist very very easy from a distance.

Canon also makes a very good series of SLR cameras.It's a matter of preference… But no matter the camera you choose,假设质量好,photography is seriously one of the best hobbies available because you learn to see art in your surroundings.



Keep up the good work here…

银行工作· November 11,2010年晚上10:29

This camera is very nice.The photos are very clear with good picture quality.人们可以很好地了解风景名胜亚博app官方下载


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