Colonia,Uruguay – Sand Castle Central!!

科洛尼亚-德尔萨克拉门托在里面乌拉圭是一个很好的借口来填一张护照布宜诺斯艾利斯(也就是说,出口:阿根廷,入境:乌拉圭,Exit: Uruguay,Entry: Argentina again).

殖民地is easily reached by ferry from Buenos Aires,and乌拉圭表面价值似乎与阿根廷in many respects (for example,他们两人都在世界杯预选赛中击败了法国足球队,但它比它的堂兄要穷一点。


A photo of one of Colonia's quaint streets is shown below:


阿根廷和乌拉圭与澳大利亚和新西兰有着同样深情的关系——阿根廷人戏称乌拉圭为“另一个省”,然而,I'm unsure if Uruguayans cop the same jokes regarding amorous liaisons with attractive sheep (ironically,其经济严重依赖羊毛)。


我喜欢在漂亮的鹅卵石路上散步。Barrio Hist_rico或葡萄牙殖民地at Colonia,shaded by the sycamore trees and whitewashed buildings.

The most interesting part of this trip was discovering a sand sculptor who created a series of 10 upper torsos in the sand,meticulously painted with the national soccer team jerseys of 10 South American countries – Uruguay,巴西,阿根廷,智利,巴拉圭Peru,委内瑞拉Colombia,Ecuador and Bolivia.

Bienvenidos一个乌拉圭was sculpted in a semicircle beneath the sand soccer torsos.  I moved closer and discovered a photo portfolio of other sand sculpting conquests from other parts of the continent.



隐马尔可夫模型,a decent way of making a living – building sandcastles all around南美.成为职业背包客的另一种方式!!

More Colonia and Uruguay Stuff

Find out more at乌拉圭和蒙得维的亚.


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Andy Jarosz8月3日,2009点:下午6点19分

好故事,and great picture of the guys on the beach.I had to look at this for a while before I worked out what was going on!!
.-=Andy Jarosz的最后一篇博客..亚博客户端下载乌兹别克斯坦,in search of family – travel with another purpose =-.

阿曼达@廉价伦敦酒店· December 2,下午2009点45分

希望有更多的殖民地的照片。多么感人的场面啊,我可以想象在傍晚沿着那些浪漫的鹅卵石街道漫步时,感觉到一天的热量从石头上升起。谢谢你给我精神上的假期,if only for a few minutes!!

迈克尔·布朗(Michael Brown)@Bed and Breakfasts · January 27,2010点:下午7点32分

Great idea if someone is travelling the globe,毕竟,这是关于尽可能多的国家访亚博app官方下载问,这肯定会算数,即使这只是一天的旅行!!

Colonia looks like a really nice setting and I especially like the sand sculptures,which alone would be worth a visit.

From the picture it seems like Argentina and Brazil have had a disagreement and trying to get away from each other!!

Nowadayz· April 28,2010 at 12:01 am

Im actually going to Uruguay this summer.这是我想看的那种东西。我真的想把一些真正的文化艺术品带回家。


The sculptures at the second photo look very realistic.

赖安12月7日,2011 at 5:34 am

If your wondering what Uruguayans thinks of Argentina think of what people think of reality TV stars and that pretty much is why you'll hear"波尼奥斯in a disgusted term,but of course it is a stereotype.HoweveR刻板印象的存在是因为它们部分是正确的。

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