Nobody's perfect.Including the people who think they are!!

We often rely on the news,both traditional and new media,to find out what's going on in the world.

And with the pressure for news services to get the news out as soon as possible,there are always going to be the strong possibility of mistakes being made for the sake of getting a story out as quick as possible.

Hey,the news networks want to attract as many eyeballs as possible.News,like any other program,is a filler for advertising on commercial networks.

I've spoken to people who have worked at them,and they actually troll social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to see what's going in the world to make the news – because they can see what is happening in real time!!

But sometimes when there is something going on that needs to go out quickly,sometimes they get things wrong.Especially when it comes to geographical correctness.

For example,check out this accurate map of Australia and the states within it.Take a mental note.

Map of Australia

CNN Live News Fail

Anyway,a while back,northern Australia,specifically,the state of Queensland was being pummeled by storms and cyclones (the Australian name for hurricanes or typhoons),and obviously when there is a natural disaster going on,it's going to make international headlines.

Of course,you need a map to show the geographical relation of where things are happening.

But obviously,the map below was rushed because they made a bit of a boo boo.

Can you spot the mistake??

CNN Live News Fail

Oh dear.

That's right,the state of Queensland labelled in the map above is actually Tasmania!!

Just shows you that there is an element of truth to the saying ‘believe nothing of what you hear,and only half of what you see!'

So the next time that you're watching the news,take it with a grain of salt – because it may not necessarily be right!!

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