Hey there yabo88足彩Travel Tarters,today I've got an interview for the adrenalin junkies out there who are thinking 亚博app官方下载aboutClimbing Mount Everest.我有一个人真的很有形象地登上了那座顶峰,在尼泊尔完成了伟大的攀登,which is the highest mountain in the world at 8850 metres (or 29,035英尺)。His name is John Beede and he's mad 亚博app官方下载about mountain climbing.

Climbing Mount Everest - John Beede

我最近在电视上看了他接受澳大利亚版《60分钟》的采访,并决定去追捕他进行面试。And he was silly enough to say yes!!

约翰还有手指,and they are in many pies – In the motivational speaking circuit,他被称为“登山者”(查看他的网站,,攀登成功) and delivers 30-50 presentations per year,teaching goal setting and leadership techniques to high school,学院,and corporate groups.他写了3本书(例如,,Climb On!Dynamic Strategies for Teen Success)他在网上做的生意比他能追踪到的还要多。He pretty much goes after what he wants and doesn't muck around,and that's why he has achieved what he wanted.

He's also one half of the brains behind the insanely comprehensive旅游费网站提供了一些关于如何获得与旅行相关的工作的重要提示,项目和业务。


不管怎样,here it is!你可以跟随约翰贝德on twitter.

Climbing Mount Everest Chat with John Beede

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:Hi John,谢谢你抽出时间聊天。Just to kick things off,你能告诉那些在广阔的互联网世界里设法在所有关于你自己的猫视频和成人网站中找到这个采访的读者吗?亚博app官方下载?

约翰比德: HA.不错的澳大利亚语。相信我,no spider sex is going to happen here.Me?I have an acute sense of awareness regarding the brevity of life… but at the same time,I don't buy into BS like"把每一刻都当作最后一刻,"because then we'd all be hedonists,drinking ourselves silly and leaping off of cliffs and whatnot.Instead I believe in engineering and pursuing monumental moments over the course of my life.珠穆朗玛峰是那些花了多年工夫的时刻之一,规划,and training.

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: This might seem like a simple question,but exactly ‘how' do you climbMount Everest?I'm guessing you just don't turn up with a backpack,一双登山鞋,就从一座相当大的山上开始走吧!!

Mountaineering in Himalayas

John Beede:不,你绝对不会!珠穆朗玛峰的批评者认为珠穆朗玛峰已经失去了它的吸引力。They say there are people who just ‘show up' with their boots,背包,然后付钱让人抬起来。在我看来,I don't agree with them;I invested close to 17 years training,做梦,saving,形象化,准备,gear testing,爬上成百上千的峭壁,悬崖,and mountains to develop the skills I'd need.I wanted nothing to be a surprise on the mountain.

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: Congrats on summiting.很明显,这是你的一个长期目标,为实现它而努力!I did notice on the 60 Minutes show that you immediately walked into the ‘Everest ER' tent there as soon as you had completed the climb.I hope you didn't need any of your extremities amputated!!

约翰比德:放心吧,所有21位数字都已就位(旅行开始时间:哈哈,yabo88足彩21 digits…!).我去珠穆朗玛峰是为了治疗高空肺水肿。It started after I had already summited and was back safely at Camp 4.HAPE is the biggest killer on the mountain,so says the Everest ER.你的肺部基本上充满了液体,因此停止向血液输送氧气。我的情况是温和的;我仍然能够自己用两只脚下到大本营和徒步旅行。

Everest Base Camp

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart:在60分钟的访谈中,你提到你的氧气罐坏了,在最后一次上升中你不得不离开大约30分钟。亚博app官方下载这会是你一生中最大的“废话”时刻吗?那是因为你在那些还没成功的人的旅途中看到了一些尸体。

约翰比德是的,both of my oxygen bottles leaked… which was,in my opinion,the reason for the HAPE.Without doubt,the worst luck of my climbing career.Though it did get me a spot on"60分钟,"更重要的是,和采访旅行馅饼!yabo88足彩Each bottle was meant to last 10 hours on a 3 liter per minute flow rate;这是相当慷慨的。

The first tank was empty just 90 minutes or so into the climb.That sucked.如果你在跳伞而降落伞没有打开的话,那不是那种“把裤子弄脏”的风格。It was more of a"废话,I might have to turn around,"moment.我从未感到失去控制,也从未觉得自己超越了攀登所必需和固有的风险。我在山上有足够的技能和经验来保持头脑冷静,并为大多数出现的情况提出解决方案……包括这一个。However,我刚刚因为没有氧气而爬得筋疲力尽。It's impossible for anyone who hasn't been above 8000 m (亚博app官方下载about 26,000ft) to comprehend what it's like.


我能描述的最好的一点是当你在做梦的时候,你认为你应该做些什么,但你就是不能让自己去做。To take one step required 3-5 breaths depending on steepness.Plus,my hands and feet were rapidly going cold,我的视野是隧道,我没有太多动力去解决这些问题。我知道自己变得漠不关心,这一事实使我立即采取行动,强迫自己认真对待它。I kept saying to myself,"get your head in the game.This is serious."那是我在没有油的情况下爬的经历。

To my understanding,less than 200 people have ever climbed the peak without oxygen and made it back alive;that makes perfect sense after those 30-45 minutes of hell.是的,其他登山者的尸体未能安全下山。They are on the summit day climb,definitely not on the trek.Hands down,they were the worst part of Everest.It's gruesome of course,爬过尸体。但这是我在心理上准备的东西;I knew I'd see them,我很伤心地看到其他登山者,even friends of mine,die on other mountains.所以,虽然看到那些没有生命的人仍然令人心痛,我没有其他登山者经历过的那种冲击因素。If nothing else,they are frozen sentinels,提醒他人有什么危险。不管怎样,第二个瓶子泄漏的速度较慢,我们直到希拉里的台阶上才注意到这个问题,离山顶只有15-30分钟的路程。We resolved it,但是废气的浪费意味着我必须每分钟降1升油。That's the flow rate for most Sherpa,在高空稀薄的空气中,他们在遗传上比你和我优越。所以我敏锐地意识到,在整个经历中,下来是主要的斗争。

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: The show mentioned that 亚博app官方下载about 600 people make theMount Everest每年爬升(一些支付100美元的特别包裹,000 complete with chopper support!).And you also said that there were 亚博app官方下载about 15 people at the summit when you climbed it.Is there a danger of Mount Everest becoming a tourist trap??


约翰比德:这是一个多层次的问题!拥挤的攀岩绝对是危险的攀岩……当它挤满了新手,it becomes even more dangerous,but compared to say,Mt.Blanc,the Matterhorn,or even Denali and Aconcagua (all other large mountains),我没有发现珠穆朗玛峰特别拥挤。

2013,they are estimating over 600 summits from both sides of the mountain.Not everyone is on the same route,因此,平均一年,南侧约有400人,北侧约有200人。Not everyone is summiting the same day,either.And then you're also counting Sherpa in that number,who are the real heroes of the Himalaya.So realistically,今年有300个西方人参加了峰会,on different routes,在几天的时间里。Not great,but still not horrible.

批评家称之为“牦牛路线,' and argue that you can pay Sherpa to carry you up.Some say Everest has lost it's appeal and there is a highway to the top.The one thing these critics all have in common is that they are sitting at sea-level on their 亚博客户端下载blog-happy asses spitting venom at people who are out there pursuing their dreams.


I've never once met someone who has actually climbed the mountain and calls it anything less than an enormous undertaking.对,凭借技术和经验,we have some extra protection from the elements and better understanding of weather and logistics for the mountain,but when it comes down to it,挑战和危险与60年前诺盖和希拉里首次登顶的时候没有多大不同。

这样说,yes,there are definitely people who have no business being up there.True,我们都不属于那个高度。无论有没有氧气,我们都在慢慢死去。I'm no high-altitude guide or guru,but I believed my skills were sufficient to get up and down safely and that I'd present no danger to anyone else.I do believe that there are climbers every year who present a very real danger to themselves and others because of their inability,但这并不是珠穆朗玛峰独有的;that's mountaineering.

价格标签从本质上阻止了攀岩成为“旅游陷阱”。No gift shop is going to be built at Camp 4 anytime soon and much to my dismay,there was no day spa at the top of the Khumbu Icefall.

低于信誉良好的机构将收取15美元,000-$25,000 USD on the south side and some wonderful companies charge up to $100,000 USD for services that many climbers deem to be worth it.But no matter the price paid,every person takes every step of the climb,and that is not something to scoff at.I never once felt that Everest is full of a bunch of rich guppies who are buying their way to the top.


The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: The highest altitude I've been up to is 5000 metres in Bolivia.我发现在这个高度,the thin air was starting to mess with my head a bit.One of my friends did the trek to Everest Base Camp with his wife.He's an engineer and apparently he asked his wife to check his engineering papers – even though he didn't have any on him,and his wife is a doctor!What's the weirdest thing you have said which has been caused by high altitude??

约翰比德: In Peru,我的朋友产生了幻觉,看到一辆校车上坐满了怪物,垂直地沿着悬崖往上开。

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: Sounds like some Hollywood screen writers may need to write their scripts at altitude for some creative inspiration!不管怎样,I have friends who are mountain climbing addicts.To me,it seems to be a similar drug high that surfing (or travelling) provides.这里有一个假设——如果你不得不放弃啤酒或爬上去救你的命,你会牺牲这些恶习中的哪一个??

约翰比德好吧,我不认为登山运动会给你带来和冲浪一样的刺激,and I don't think climbers are a bunch of adrenaline junkies.Climbing is slow,有条理的,常常是非常平静的运动冥想。We aren't all base jumping off of the summit or trying to surf down on avalanches. With that said,I would give up beer.After all,there's still wine and Makers Mark.


The yabo88足彩Travel Tart: One of my life goals is to score themost expensive travel junket possible and hitch a ride with Richard Branson into space on Virgin Galactic and have a Space Beer with him.With your motivational speaking background,do you have any tips for me that I could have a crack at??

约翰比德我的另一个爱好是风筝冲浪,所以我知道布兰森是一个正派的车手和超级体育迷。He pushed to get it into the Olympics,in fact.I'd say learn to kite,加入澳大利亚奥林匹克队,然后邀请布兰森到他从未发现过的“澳大利亚秘密训练点”,and trade services: you train him to kite race he takes you to space.

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:太棒了,小费约翰!I'll store that one in the memory bank!And finally,where and when did you realise that you loved travelling??

约翰比德: My parents took me camping as a boy.I fell into a river in the middle of the night while attempting to fish.当我痛苦和颤抖的时候,trying to dry off by the fire,I realized,"这还是比学校好!"Hook,线,沉降片


You can查看整个60分钟的面试.It's worth looking at!!

Anthony Bianco - The yabo88足彩Travel Tart

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart is anAustralian Travel 亚博客户端下载Blogger and Writerwho dribbles on 亚博app官方下载about the funny,offbeat and weird aspects of world travel today.Travel wasn't meant to be taken too seriously!看看他的亚博app官方下载 and social media profiles to say hi orsign up for his silly newsletter!!


Helen 7月2日,2013点在凌晨5点46分


I've climbed Kili and that was painful enough.But Everest is on a whole other level.I don't know if I'll ever do it,但这是一个梦想!!

Although it's scary when you hear of the disasters in 1996 and ‘Green Boots' and David Sharpe.You are so brave for doing it.

Well done John,巨大的成就。


7月2日,2013 at 10:08 am

Awesome interview Anthony!!

Maria7月2日,2013 at 12:03 pm

安东尼这是有史以来最好的面试!John"“登山者”is so down to earth despite all that time up high – maybe it's a side effect from low oxygen levels but when he said,"But no matter the price paid,every person takes every step of the climb,这可不是什么可鄙的事。”I said right on!Thanks for the intro – now I'm off to read John's sites.

约翰比德 · July 3,2013 at 3:40 am

Thanks Helen and Maria!很高兴你喜欢,Dan.Everest was certainly epic!!!

Nick· July 4,2013在晚上8点55分

I had totally forgot 亚博app官方下载about that the story about the engineering papers!!


Nitin@Peace Nepal Treks 7月31日,2013 at 6:08 pm

很好,安东尼。我们看到Mt.珠穆朗玛峰如此之近,而我们的旅行,但它是一个巨大的成就,达到它的顶部。I salute the winners who dare so high and get it.

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