Cheeky Monkeys – Too Smart For Tourists

One thing that's common at manyTourist Trapsaround the world is that even the local animals are in on the act of trying to fleece as many tourist dollars off you as possible!Especially when it comes to theCheeky Monkeysaround the place – and I think because they are closely related to us humans,that means that they're smart enough to get away with almost anything.Including removing your entire travel budget from you!If fact,they're probably smarter than many humans!!

Sometimes,these primates have learnt over time how to pinch things from unsuspecting tourists – anything from wallets and purses to maybe even the shirt off your back if you're lucky!!

And here is another example – check out thisCheeky Monkeyphoto that was taken by my friend The Curious Drifter inBali,Indonesia.

Cheeky Monkey Bali Indonesia

The Cheeky Monkey Explanation

Anyway,he says ‘this is a monkey at Ulu Watu temple in Bali that had stolen a tourists hat.A holy man at the temple tried to trick the monkey into releasing the hat by giving him a supposedly delicious banana,but as you will notice the monkey still has both the hat and the banana :)'

Smart arse!Looks like this monkey is a whole lot smarter than we give him credit for.He's probably done this trick millions of times and he's been around the block!!

I've been to Ulu Watu temple (see my post onThings To Do In Bali) and I can confirm,that you have to be very careful 亚博app官方下载about anything in your pockets when you visit the temple.Some monkeys even try to wrestle large and heavy digital SLR cameras off people!!

Oh well.

Maybe the silly tourists might have more luck obtaining their possessions from these primates if they wore theCheeky Monkey T-shirt Style Costume for Kids.

Maybe not!!

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Dan @ A Cruising Couple · June 15,2013 at 12:23 am

It's true.We got a glimpse of the monkeys at Uluwatu as well as in Ubud during our one month stay in Bali and they are sneaky!They even tried a tag team move on me.While I was taking a photo of one another came from behind and tried to get into my bag.Lucky for me it was zipped up tight and he gave up pretty quick 🙂

Shane Todd· June 26,2013 at 11:31 pm

Aren't those Monkeys cheeky beyond belief.I had one nick my sunnies once!!!

Christoffer Moen · August 11,2013 at 8:58 pm

Hahaha.Make me wonder if they keep a secret stash somewhere of the stuff they nicked over time.

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