Here's something that takes recycling very,非常认真!它也非常实用。

In the western world,we just love living in a throwaway society where we buy stuff,用有限的时间,把东西扔进垃圾箱,and then it's buried into the ground never to see the light of day again.

然而,you'll find that in less developed countries,人们会用他们能用的任何东西把它变成有用的东西,比如坦桑尼亚改装成凉鞋的汽车轮胎.

当人们什么都没有的时候,they will usually find an innovative way to turn it into something.

Other recycling related themes I've featured on this silly site (besides my jokes) include羊便条纸,theweirdly named recycling bin in China以及啤酒杯蛇.

But I've come across another use for car tyres – a cheap dining table and chair set!!

So when you've finished with your set of wheels,you can turn them into furniture!!




One of my mates spotted this dining table and chairs set during his trip,island hopping throughout the Philippines and was pretty impressed at how an item that's normally found on a car can be transformed into something practical and usable that could be placed in a house!!




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Ryan Biddulph 5月21日,2018 at 11:08 am

Smart Anthony!I see piles of these tyres 5 meters high at farms here in New Zealand.Good stuff,把可能污染地球的东西变成有用和有价值的东西。A bit of creativity,and we can all get ride of spare tires LOL.

Thanks for sharing 🙂


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