This article is supported byChangi Recommends,a service that extends beyond Changi Airport ‘s doors in providing exclusive deals (shopping,抵达新加坡后,为旅客提供餐饮和景点)以及移动连接解决方案。

Changi Recommends

As far as airports go,,樟宜机场at Singapore is probably one of the best places around to catch a plane,或者在等待另一个人的时候过境。数百万人在这里旅行,新加坡对很多人来说是一个受欢迎的中途停留地。那里有很多事情要做,but the airport is also known to have a variety of services available for free and for hire.

因为现在大多数人都是网络成瘾者,如果他们不能在飞机起飞后2秒钟内更新他们的Facebook状态,他们就会开始出现戒断症状。many travellers can rack up insane data roaming bills that may lead them to mortgage the house just to pay the bill shock off.我记得有一天没有互联网,你不得不通过固定电话联系他们…;磷


And with that,comes opportunity!当你到达新加坡后,我将经历一些你可以在新加坡预订和体验的事情,因为深静脉血栓导致长途飞行!!

不管怎样,for the internet addicts,,Changi Recommends提供在新加坡旅行时的移动连接解决方案–可移动的出租移动WiFi路由器,有无限的使用和可用的全岛。仅10新元/天或约8美元/天,these are features of the mobile Wi-Fi Router that would entice travel 亚博客户端下载bloggers to visit Singapore!!



That's right,旅游博客将不再亚博客户端下载抱怨糟糕的Wi-Fi,因为这些路由器为全岛范围提供无限4G网络接入,亚博app官方下载and a functionality of connecting up to 8 devices including laptops,smart phones and tablets.Which is pretty much the entire contents of a travel 亚博客户端下载bloggers backpack!!

WIFI Router Rental Singapore


问:旅游博客作者去新加坡时下载了什么?亚博客户端下载A: The entire internet.

问:换灯泡需要多少个旅游博客?亚博客户端下载A: At least nine.如果他们有这种移动WiFi路由器,it would take one to actually change the lightbulb,and then 8 other travel 亚博客户端下载bloggers – one to Tweet it,一个是Facebook,one to Instagram it,一个绊倒它的人,one to Reddit it,一个是Pinterest,one to YouTube it,一次写博客,亚博客户端下载亚博app官方下载他们中没有人会抱怨WiFi不好。亚博app官方下载


是的,just turn up to the airport,收集轻型移动Wi-Fi路由器并下载!!


Changi Recommends - Singapore Deals

Apart from the mobile Wi-Fi Routers,Changi Recommends also provides offers and exclusive rates for shopping,dining and attractions.These activities are some of the biggest attractions in this financial powerhouse island nation,比如去新加坡动物园,环球影城,海湾旁的标志性花园,新加坡的传单加上一大堆其他的经验。


You can在线预订所有这些东西或者在樟宜机场推荐的展位上,位于樟宜机场1号航站楼的到达大厅(1层)。2和3!– see map below – you can't miss it:



再次感谢Changi Recommends支持本文。查看他们的网站了解更多详细信息!!


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Very helpful article.

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That first joke made me laugh out loud … I'll be sure to go on a downloading spree here first before setting off to the internet graveyard that is Bali next time!!


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