Camel Milk Chocolate – Creamy Goodness!!

我在这个愚蠢的网站上有一堆骆驼的东西。I have a love/hate affair with these kinds of animal.我在摩洛哥的一只放屁的骆驼上呆了一个小时,它的震动从我的屁股一直传到我的喉咙。但我的网站确实向这只吐口水的野兽致敬。这包括澳大利亚骆驼杯,,The Thirsty Camel,,Camel Rides in Egypt,,Camel Robot Jockeys,,Dubai Camel Races,and骆驼汉堡但是在吃完美味的骆驼汉堡之后,why not finish off with a unique dessert –Camel Milk Chocolate!!

以下是迪拜国际机场发现的一卡车骆驼牛奶巧克力的照片!You will easily see these stands all around there if you are in transit or are 亚博app官方下载about to fly home.

Camel Milk Chocolate - Dubai

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Camel Milk Chocolate尝起来像…巧克力!真的?它很不错,很滑很好吃。你只要自己试试就行了!当然,it the milk might come from a beast that you're not used as an ingredient in your normal chocolate recipes,但这东西没问题!!

阿尔纳斯马这是巧克力的名字,它们有各种各样的品种,including milk chocolate,dark chocolate,巧克力棒巧克力骆驼,甚至巧克力牛奶篮!Al-Nassma专注于高端市场,在全球范围内,骆驼牛奶巧克力的营销和推广投入了大量资金。And slowly but surely,骆驼奶巧克力开始流行,因为我们中的许多人渴望尝试新事物。

我想他们在世界巧克力市场上确实有点不同。And it's worth trying out if you're passing through Dubai,或者在免税机场的商店里碰到这种东西。I would doubt you would find this at the但马赛马拉免税店

信不信由你,you can buy Camel Milk Cream Desert Care – 50 ml at Amazon!!

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