The Busiest Train Station In The World.

毫不奇怪,世界上最繁忙的火车站is also located in the世界上最大的城市-东京,在里面日本.

And that very,very busy train station is距离新宿火车站,right in the guts of Tokyo,在商业区。

Note,这张200个出口中的一个的照片(是的,这是正确的,200!) was taken at an off peak time on aG历险记星期天早上人不多的时候去旅行!!


To put things into perspective – Tokyo holds approximately 20 million people – which is like squeezing the entire population of Australia in one city.

然而,300万到400万人通过距离新宿火车站every day – which is like the entire population of Sydney catching a train to just one single destination.看看在这个官员身上有多少条线Shinjuku Station Map!!Looks like a lot of multi coloured spaghetti to me.

I didn't go there in peak hour – and it still felt like we were in a big building full of human dots buzzing around,but somehow avoiding each other.

但有一件事我不得不承认——日本的公共交通系统是我所经历过的最好的。But I guess it has to – with millions of people crammed into a couple of islands,人们必须高效、平稳地四处走动,以便一切都能正常工作!它必须工作,否则它将是完全地狱!!

No chaos at all!It just worked!A lot of much smaller,但是完全混乱的城市可以从日本人的做事方式中学到很多东西!!

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托马斯德比 2月16日,2012 at 4:02 pm

我甚至无法想象它有多忙。我在巴黎住了很多时间,他们得到的不到一半。G冒险之旅值得吗?I'm thinking of booking something through them for later in the year.

Jonathan B · April 15,2012在晚上8点07分

Wow!I thought the london underground was heavy going,不知道我能不能应付这么多人日复一日。

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