Okay,here is one for the people out there who hate their own body hair (and maybe everyone else's) – it's a list of hair removal and巴西蜡在你真正不想要的地方,你可以把自己的头发脱掉!!

Here is an extensive menu of hair removal options that I spotted in the Tiong Bahru district of Singapore,在新加坡会合酒店附近远东酒店.


你可以从任何身体部位取下很多头发——手,肩膀,knees and toes.大腿内侧,臀部和膝盖!!




The Boyzillian Brazilian Wax!!

Male Waxes

If you really need to know,一博伊利安就像巴西女性的男性一样——从男性生殖器区域去除毛发,colloquially known as  ‘bum,麻袋和裂缝的脱毛。Probably not my idea of a great day out,但很明显,这项公共园艺服务是因为有需求而提供的,thanks to the ripped hunks out there trying to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo or some other high profile hairless man!!

所以对于那些想让自己的身体恢复到发声前几天的人来说,it sounds like a great deal to me!!

不管怎样,that reminds me of a corny joke that someone told me.

Q: Why do hairy men wear thick gold chains??


Think of all of this stuff the next time you go for a haircut!!


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