Boeing 787 Dreamliner – A Sign You Wouldn't See on Most Aeroplanes!!

A while ago,I was invited byQantas Airways查看Boeing 787 Dreamliner在肉体中(嗯,or should that be in the composite shell?)因为它正在进行一系列的测试飞行,以便为认证做好准备。这些测试的一部分包括在各种条件下飞行,另外,在受控的实验下冷冻和煮沸飞机,以确保它不会散开!!

有很多关于亚博app官方下载波音787梦幻客机因为它将彻底改变许多购买了几十架这种飞机的航空公司的航空旅行。The hype is 亚博app官方下载about a number of things,比如飞机是由什么构成的(复合材料而不是金属)。levels of flying comfort (pressurisation is set at 亚博app官方下载about 1800m instead of over 2000 metres),and the potential for a less noisy plane that doesn't burn as much juice as others.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Test Plane Flight for Qantas and Jetstar

Boeing 787 at Brisbane Airport,2012年5月26日

现在,after going through the plane,即使有难得的机会坐在飞行甲板上(这是我从来没有做过的事情)。I did notice a sign that did catch my eye when I walked into the plane:


好吧,this may not create the feelings of safety for some people,but hey,Boeing planes have a pretty good reputation for building robust planes that don't fall out of the sky,because I've been on heaps of them.我没有机会体验Boeing 787在飞行中,but whilst this is still an experimental plane,I'd feel way safer on this one than a couple of the old Russian rust buckets I've been on!Seriously,I flew on one that was,最好情况下,25 years old and had some seat belts that weren't functioning,or unavailable!!

Dreamliner Pictures

令我吃惊的是这个测试程序有多贵。因为这一特定平面仅用于试验或实验目的,it cannot be used in normal service once certification for the Boeing 787 has been obtained.要么就得退休,or even scrapped!!

Here is a quick video tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


不管怎样,我很失望没有看到Alternative Safety Cardsonboard!That would have made my day!!

But I was grateful to not experience theWeird Airport PeopleorMurphy's Laws for Frequent Flyers!!



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