Best Steak Ever!!

TheBest SteakI've ever had has been in Argentina.And not via a BBQ competition either!!



如果你是食肉动物,你在追求Best Steakin the world,then Argentina is the place for you.

Check out the picture – I'm holding an entire set of cow ribs with my mate,theParilla厨师。

Argentines eat truckloads of meat,类似于某种进化的回归caveman diet他们平均每人每年吃60公斤牛肉(相比之下,澳大利亚人约30公斤)。亚博app官方下载working out at 165 grams of beef every single bloody day.  Remember,this figure DOES NOT include chicken or lamb!!

Remarkably,meat ingestion has decreased over the years from some astronomical level.  Meat is always cooked the Argentine way – the阿根廷烧烤,or theAsador.Salads are an optional extra,always served first before the main meal and eaten on their own,因此,它们不会破坏碳烤蛋白在一个几乎不能容纳它的盘子上的完美呈现。

The Best Steaks are also The Biggest!!

The sizes of the steaks were enormous and I reckon it took me at least a week to crap out each steak.To satisfy my rabid curiosity,I asked a waiter in a parilla steak house just how much steak his restaurant went through a day.

¿Cuantos kilos carnes un dia??' I asked in rough-as-guts Spanish.

他的回答是tres cientos' –Three Hundred!!

Judging by the serious look on his face,he wasn't joking.  If he spoke English,I'm sure he would have said ‘And how would you like your entire cow cooked,Señor Gringo?'

所以让我来解决这个问题。阿根廷两吨(2.1,准确地说)每周吃牛排,this accumulates to 110 tonnes of steak a year.   Just one steak restaurant in Argentina,其中肯定有数百万头。当我想到有多少头死牛被翻译成了电影时,我吓得目瞪口呆。

Once the bovine beasts reach cow heaven,他们的存在并没有在地球上消失,由于大量的牛排饮食转化成了一系列皮具出售。我从大量的证据中得出结论,阿根廷肯定有一些长相粗糙的结肠,胃外科医生供不应求。

我知道牛排瘾,as the beef was outstanding – it was the best steak I'd ever devoured.Every single time.  It was the way meat was cooked that contributed to the flavour.  Steak is cooked over hot burning wood coals,creating an appetizing taste.  When served,plates are devoid of any other food material,creating a contrast of flame-roasted tenderloin against barely-visible edge of white serving plate.这造成了一个挑战——你反对牛排。如果盘子里的肉有任何相似之处,肉赢了。我从来没有赢过,but it was a close call some days.

However,the parilla wasn't solely devoted to bife de chorizo (sirloin) and bife de lomo (tenderloin) steak.  Whole lamb and chicken was split into flat lamb and flat chicken,roasted on open fires burning with a gentle wood flame.

Parilla chefs left the roasting carcass on the slow cooking fire from mid-afternoon,ready for carnivores that night.  For some astounding reason,chefs cook meat at the shite end of the protein spectrum – that offal crap,includingmorcilla(黑布丁,or blood sausage),,chinchulines(tripe) andriñones(肾脏)。

无论如何,if you spend lunch or dinner at aparilla,你肯定需要午睡来消化刚刚吞食的900克重的怪物。有时候,您可能需要一个午睡的冬眠。

Hungry for the Best Steak??

If I've made you ravenous,退房Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way.

Salud!And enjoy the Best Steak ever!!

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1002件事·4月23日,2009 at 1:39 am

I try to avoid meat and you made me want to go to Argentina and eat an entire cow.
"我想我至少花了一个星期才把每一块牛排都吃光。”– lol

1002things's last 亚博客户端下载blog post..A Beginner's Guide to NYC

    anthony ·4月23日,2009点在上午8点03分

    Must…eat…steak… Believe me,it's the best steak EVER.A highly recommmend washing a big steak down with a smooth Malbec – a fantastic red!!

WildJunket 5月27日,2009年下午5:47

Woo I'm heading to Buenos Aires in a week's time,我在为巴黎哭泣!I'm born to be a carnivore,can't live without meat!阿根廷肯定是我的天堂,isnt it?😉

马登牛排 3月29日,2010 at 10:43 pm

人均牛排消费量惊人。读这篇文章让我垂涎欲滴,现在我渴望得到一杯烈性酒。Also sounds like there would be a growth industry for heart surgeons there.

    anthony ·3月30日,2010 at 5:39 am

    I have a feeling that there are some rough looking colons in Argentina!😉

运动酒吧5月27日,2010 at 6:54 am

我预测阿根廷在我们进入世界杯决赛时可能会有一些惊喜,everyone seems to have wrote them off….at yopur peril!!!

    anthony 5月27日,2010 at 8:01 am

    If they win,那是因为牛排!!


I'm totally pissed off!!!!
You missed the weird Argentine music,and the weird crowd in concerts.


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