Berlin Wall Photo Essay – some of it is still standing!!

One of the best history lessons you can ever have is to actually visit the physical location.It's there were the history lesson starts to have some meaning,and it's not just words in a text book (for example,places likeGallipoli in Turkey).One of those places where history became relevant to me was at theBerlin Wall in Germany,作为A的一部分铁路欧洲之旅in western Europe.

我记得当Berlin Wallcame down in 1989.I was a teenager then,and I remember all of the scaremongering that went on during the 1980s 亚博app官方下载about how the Commies where going to invade the entire world and how in the west we had to hate them,and if need be,blow them all to smithereens.

Well,that all changed in 1989 when communism collapsed and I will never forget the scenes of east and west Berliners climbing the wall,and eventually,taking a sledgehammer to most of it.不管怎样,there was no way the Eastern Bloc was going to exist when the internet came along!!

The Berlin wall was a bizarre,and insane piece of engineering designed to keep east Berliners from escaping to the enclave on west Berlin,这是社会主义海洋中的一个民主岛。在一个阶段,there was 亚博app官方下载about 170 kilometres of wall.现在,只剩下1.5公里,最长的一块约1.3公里长。

I think the reason why some of it still stands,I guess it's like the famous quote ‘if we forget the past,我们注定要重蹈覆辙。

These days,the Berlin Wall is an open air art gallery.Artists now use the Berlin Wall as a canvas for freedom and expression.


Check out some of the Berlin Wall murals below:

柏林墙Germany Not Entirely Collapsed or Fallen

East Berlin Communist Bloc


However,the Berlin Wall hasn't escaped tourism!滑稽地说,there is a souvenir shop located literally next to this famous icon of the Cold War!You can even bring your passport here to have it stamped!!

How times change!!

Berlin Wall Sovenirs

Taking the notion of being very touristy even further,a replica of查理检查哨,the old crossing point between east and west Berlin has been constructed and entrepreneurial locals dress up as old border guards to pose with tourists.


Checkpoint Charlie American Soviet Sectors Berlin Germany

Ironically,check out the multinational burger chain in the background.Stalin would be turning in his grave!!


不管怎样,for more information 亚博app官方下载about The Wall,退房柏林墙:8月13日,1961年11月9日,1989.

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John· August 10,2012下午4点43分

There are some great work of art posted on the wall.Nice takes

Cath · August 13,2012 at 10:55 am

Tell me,aren't all the spaces of the Berlin Wall not filled up yet with freedom posts?🙂

Kai W7月8日,2018 at 7:20 pm

用作艺术家画布的那一段墙被称为东边画廊”.它就在狂欢的河边。最近的地铁站是”Warschauer Straße"(served by the U1).

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