Beer Tower = Beer Paradise!!

Now this is one for theBeer Index– the啤酒塔!!Woo hoo!This is so Homer Simpson like that it should make an appearance in this long running cartoon!!

This is a cool contraption of genius that keeps 2.5 litres of beer cold so that you can share it with your friends without having to go to a crowded bar each time you want to order drinks.这是解决一个经常很复杂的问题的简单方法。我认为这比在罐子里买啤酒要好,因为这样可以避免当你到达啤酒供应的终点时产生热渣的可能性。!

这是我看到的萨摩亚.Note,the guy on the left drinking the wine is a priest!对,it's a pretty relaxed place!!

Beer Tower

萨摩亚是一个非常社会化的社会,I'm not surprised that theBeer Towerexists.The local brew,called Vailima,is a really nice German styled lager which is perfect to scoff down in the humid Samoan climate.I had quite a few of them because the beer was well suited to the hot humid days!!

The Beer Tower in all it's glory

我想买一个Beer Towershome with me – full of beer!It would be a much appreciated item in my house!!

However,I would have definitely blown my customs limit for alcohol.Oh well.这只是我回到萨摩亚的另一个借口!!


More Beer Tower Stuff

我想值得去萨摩亚to sample the Vailima golden nectar out of theBeer Tower.

Otherwise,you'll have to buy aBrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser或ADouble Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower(wow,such a beast exists!) to fill up with your own beer.

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You had me at beer!我很惊讶萨摩亚提供了一种德国风格的啤酒!!

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wendy· January 23,2016 at 7:44 pm

Want to buy a beer tower and sent to australia.Is this possible.Thanks

汤永福金伯林· April 11,2016点:下午5点16分

你好,can I order one and get sent to Melbourne??

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