Barber Shop Near Me time!

Here is one for the home renovators out there who like adding on bits of new buildings to existing ones just so they can increase their floor area!But this one is using anything that is possibly available just so you've got something standing – any structure at all.

It's of theBarber Shopextension – and unfortunately,it wasn't open at the time I took this photo.Otherwise I might have been tempted to go for a haircut!

This Barber was spotted in a village near Lake Malawi,in Malawi.It looks like a ramshackle house extension,but hey,Africans don't have too many resources to play with (seefootwear made from tyresandChild Birth,African Style) and they will use pretty much anything they can lay their hands on.

Don't laugh at this – you would do the same if you were in the same position.

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But this is what makes Africa so great – completely unpretentious,and that's how it is.只是人们沿着他们的一天。

I didn't see thisBarber Shopsign that'sfor sale on Amazon!

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