Banda Acehis world famous,but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

This December will mark the 5th anniversary of theTsunamiwhich almost wiped out this seaside city – around tens of thousands of people were killed on the 25th of December,2004.

This is my taxi driver,Dony.  I paid him to take me aroundBanda Acehtoday to show off his town.  With the aid of a trusty English/Indonesian dictionary,we managed to communicate fairly effectively,and in combination with my guide book,managed to check out some interesting sites.

This is Dony relaxing next to the beach after a hard day of driving around!!

At the beginning of the trip,I asked him ‘How long does it take to show me aroundBanda Aceh?’

He replied ‘亚博app官方下载About 3 hours'.  We took about 6 hours,and he refused to take any more money than what we negotiated. He was grateful to hang out with me for the day and show me around!!

Like everyone else inBanda Aceh,he lost a lot of people he knew,both friends and family.  It seems no one was unaffected by the tsunami.

‘I live near the airport,which was OK.When I hear 亚博app官方下载about the tsunami,I went to town to see and I could not believe'.

I could not believe what happened myself,and I've turned up here a few years later.

One of the iconic post-tsunami images of Banda Aceh was a large ship that was pushed inland for 亚博app官方下载about 5 kilometres.  It's still there.  However,the houses that were wiped out nearby have been since re-built around the ship.

I guess it's not going anywhere soon!!

Banda Aceh in Pictures

This is the road on the way to the ship.

Imagine it 5 metres underwater.

It's hard to believe,but check out these photos of the PLTDAPUNG1,the famous ship that was pushed inland.  It's now a tourist attraction.

Here is a photo from onboard.  See that horizon out there?That's the ocean,亚博app官方下载about 5 kilometres away,where this ship was originally moored.  All of those houses you see in front of you have been rebuilt since.  Beforehand,it was a barren wasteland of rubble and saltwater.

说真的?these photos don't do the scene justice.  When you see this with your own eyes,it really does blow you away.

This is a photo taken underneath the ship.Those bricks and mortar you see were someone's house.

But people's lives go on.  It's so matter of fact,that life goes on around the ship.  Here is a photo of a cow grazing next to the hull.

Everyone here is friendly,and the locals say hello to me when I'm walking down the street.  The atmosphere here is laid back,and the hustle and bustle of daily life occurs every day.  People are just going 亚博app官方下载about their livelihoods,simply because they have to.

There are reminders of the Tsunami every where you go.  There are signs,and even a new Tsunami Museum which will open soon.

However,the most striking of the reminders are the two mass graves where thousands of un-identified bodies where buried.

This photo shows one of these mass graves.  This small piece of real estate is the only place relatives can visit to pay thier respects to their loved ones.  It's still under construction,but it's become a new Banda Aceh Landmark.

参观这些地方很难不被移动。很难理解发生了什么事,but seeing these sights provides an unbelievable glimpse into one of the largest natural disasters of all time.

It feels weird seeing them from a travellers' perspective,but the locals are grateful to provide a great service if you are ever through this way,我认为他们认为这是重建过程的一部分。

More Banda Aceh Stuff

你可以在Tsunami: A Document of Devastation,the2005年亚洲海啸灾难完整指南,and自然灾害.

Anyway,I'm off to see more of this great place tomorrow,stay tuned!!

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hanny · September 30,2009 at 1:41 am

wow,很幸运你遇到了这么好的出租车司机!!!tell dony"nanti kalau teman saya di jakarta datang ke aceh,antar jalan-jalan,ya!"🙂

unspun · September 30,2009 at 1:44 am

Ant,welcome to Indonesia and glad to see you get a flying start there.

Shyam · September 30,2009 at 2:15 am

Nice writeup!Glad to see that they've recovered so well.

PS : That's a Bull,not a Cow 🙂

pixie· September 30,2009 at 9:22 am

Great story!!

Rob· November 29,2009 at 3:38 pm

I flew from my ship (USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72) to there a few days after to help distribute food.It was the proudest point in my Navy career and in life.我能帮助那些人,给我带来无尽的幸福。

Dave and Deb· February 8,2010 at 10:12 pm

Beautiful piece.The best things that can happen for these countries is having the tourists come back.We are in Sri Lanka now and locals are hoping tourism picks up soon.I saw that they have a Tsunami museum down the road from where we are staying,we are going to be visiting it soon.Great photos Anthony!!

mie aceh· March 18,2010 at 8:19 pm

你在那里经历了多么伟大的冒险,your story reminds me of my kampung 🙂
i am from aceh and im missing it soooo much.Went home last year but wanting to head off there again soon.
Btw Dony your taxi driver looks familiar to me,i think he is one of my school mates.Any chance of me asking you his tlp no or email address or anything??

thanks in advanced buddy…
Mie goreng aceh

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