It's time for a silly逐球板球视频再一次。

网站上以前的化身包括Where's Waldo?He's At The Cricketand150人装扮成救生员.I tend to be dragged into these things because I have a friend who has a friend who manages to book an entire bay of seats at theBrisbane Cricket Ground (known as the ‘Gabba')each year,传统是让每个人都穿上“制服”。

例如,asWhere's Waldo!!

Ball By Ball - Funny Cricket Video at the Gabba

像大多数庆祝活动一样Australia,像Camel Cup以及蟑螂赛跑,去板球比赛只是酒后狂欢的一种伪装(例如,check out the啤酒杯蛇)这也是一个很好的借口,穿上一套愚蠢的服装,通常意味着你会在电视上收看廉价的家庭娱乐节目。


今年,the theme was having everyone dressed up as the Smurfs.I've never seen so much blue face paint in my entire life.



More Ball By Ball Stuff

If you're still interested in cricket,查看一些funny moments of the Cricket World Cup.

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