最近,a Public Relations Firm in Sydney contacted me wanting to know if I was interested doing a背包回顾(并且保持!)旅行背包或帆布背包探索地球范围。既然我是一个旅行达人,yabo88足彩I greedily said yes to adding more travel crap to my ever expanding arsenal!!

Unfortunately,the timing of the PR company contacting me with a new piece of travel gear was almost as bad as查利光泽在一夜狂野之后走进康复诊所,吸了太多的鼻糖——也就是说,太晚了!!

That's because I had just bought a new travel backpack a few months earlier because my old faithful was looking a bit tired after almost a decade of terrible punishment,so I decided to opt for something different – theCarina Rucksack.That's because I didn't have a Rucksack at the time,and I thought it was a great idea to add one to my travelling stash if I feel the sudden urge to do a tonne of trekking.

Carina背包位于探险家的范围内,哪个是入门级的探索地球价格在119澳元到199澳元之间(目前,美元也一样)。我在商店和网上看到过这个背包零售价从130澳元到160澳元不等。它有两种尺寸——65升和75升,and I received the larger model for the review.我喜欢明亮的天蓝色,因为如果我在荒野的一次长途旅行中迷路的话,美国间谍卫星很容易发现这一点。a.k.a Into The Wild.

Carina Rucksack

While it's an entry level pack,这个Carina Rucksack令人惊讶的是,保修期为五年。所以如果探索地球愿意支持它这么久,it might be pretty good.

即使是入门级的范围也有古柯碱的支持,澳大拉西亚脊椎和骨疗法学院,这意味着这些包对你的背部有好处,even for the ‘Future Chiropractor Patient' Travel Personality Type that I wrote 亚博app官方下载about in ‘Travel Personalities Explained'.


Backpack Reviews – Firstly,谁在探索地球??

我以前听说过,but many people outside of Australia probably haven't.They've been making travel backpacks and rucksacks for a while,and sell mainly to the Australian Market.But they seem to be making some inroads to the travel and rucksack market,正如我所知,其他人拥有它们,并认为它们相当不错。

Rucksack Fabric Durability

For the tech boffins,Carina背包由一种叫做Polytech500的布料制成。This means absolutely nothing to me,but on feeling the fabric,it seems pretty tough and solid to withstand a decent trashing.在我眼里,如果你经常徒步旅行的话,这个包看起来会持续一段时间。

作为比较,Carina背包面料比我那历经近10年旅行的忠实背包面料耐用得多,and this was a no brand cheapie I had bought for only 60 bucks at an outlet!(注:,refer to The 10 Commandments of Tight Arse Travelling

When I do look at buying a backpack,fabric durability is something that's pretty important to me,因为我喜欢把我的旅行装备扔得到处都是,因为我冒着生命危险在几乎不适合公路的交通工具上旅行,如世界上最差的司机.


In the past,我已经避开了背包,因为当你真的想在底部塞东西的时候,它们会让你屁股痛。例如,a much needed bottle opener to crack open a bottle of beer.然而,Carina背包有两个开口——引擎盖,and a zipped compartment at the bottom which makes access much easier.

还有很多隔间用来存放东西。I like the small zip compartment under the hood as this is a great place to store valuables like your passport.The rucksack itself can be divided into two compartments if you wish,as there is a separate draw string section that you can seal off to separate your clean gear from your crusty underwear.

TheCarina Rucksack如果你觉得有必要爬上一座结了霜的山峰来重演从“接触虚空”开始的令人惊异和痛苦的旅程.这并不是说我会有太多的机会在澳大利亚使用冰镐(除非我想在一个痛苦的Workplace Personality Types That Make You Want To Travel)但如果我需要它们,持有者在那里!我相信我可以用它们做其他的东西!!

在外面,the Rucksack has a number of adjustable straps so that the pack can mold with the amount of gear inside it.There's even a separate compartment/flap where you could throw in a hydration bladder so you don't die of thirst.


The harness is fully adjustable depending if you're a short arse,或者像我这样的长颈鹿。The harness has two aluminium rods which you can mould the shape to your back.我真的很惊讶这些东西被放在这个背包里,正如我所期望的,在这个价格范围内的背包没有这样的东西。


为了获得另一种意见,I even chatted to one of my mates who is a Trekking Tragic and showed him the Rucksack.他买了一辆混合动力车,花了几百美元,所以你不能拿苹果和桔子做比较,但从他的检查来看,他认为卡丽娜背包的价格很高。


I went for a short walk with the pack to test it out,把它装满了装备,看看我走了一会儿后是否会像圣母院的驼背。

But I didn't need to see the chiropractor,如果你喜欢在户外徒步旅行的话,你会发现Carina背包是一个足够多的旅行装备。安全带和衬垫很舒服,and I felt I could walk for a lot longer.

Backpack Review – So What's The Verdict??

The Explore Planet Earth Carina Rucksack is great for what it is – an entry level rucksack.它其实很值钱,而且它还具有人们从更昂贵的背包中所期望的功能。

It's probably not something you would take to scale Mount Everest,but it's not meant to be for that crazy people market anyway!!

背包评论–Carina Ruckback判决

So the bottom line is: if you're after a rucksack that doesn't cost a truckload of money but will get the job done without a fuss and last you a while,探索者地球号的船底背包应该被视为一种选择。

I'm looking forward to thrashing it like the other backpacks I've taken around the world!!

So if you feel the bizarre need to shout me a trekking junket somewhere,请随时联系我!!

Pre Travel Guide

Anthony Bianco - The yabo88足彩Travel Tart

The yabo88足彩Travel Tart is an澳大利亚旅游博客作家亚博客户端下载who dribbles on 亚博app官方下载about the funny,今天世界旅行的一些古怪的方面。旅行不应该太认真!Check out his the亚博app官方下载 和社交媒体个人资料打招呼或sign up for his silly newsletter!!


红色游牧盎司 · February 11,2011点:下午6点58分

Arsenal?滑稽的,I never thought of travel paraphernalia as deadly weaponry!!!

Crazymountain· August 3,2013 at 11:34 pm

I bought the Carina 75 a couple of months ago and used it recently on a multi day in the snowy mountains.我真的可以说那包东西是屁股上的大痛!虽然舒适一旦调整正确(我在户外行业工作,所以我知道正确!)这种舒适感一直持续到带子穿过塑料扣并不断调亚博app官方下载整自己的时候。I was constantly having to readjust on the go and became very frustrated and stressed by the end of my hike!我会联系探索地球并告诉他们如果我的问题!底线,这包纸很好,但不实用。The field.I rate it 1/5 rubber chickens!!

    旅行达人安东尼yabo88足彩 8月4日,2013年上午10:17


Aidan9月3日,2015 at 4:40 pm

Got one of these 65L due to this review.一开始看起来很棒。The material seemed amazing and i really thought it was the comfiest thing.Worn it on three hikes and realized with the last one that there is a strong plastic in the shape of a square where the adjustable harness meets with the shoulder trap,他们一直戴在带子上。Having hiked no more than 10 days with it,就在两条带子都快断的时候。亚博app官方下载不会再从这些人那里得到另一个,最好多花点钱买些不会从内部被摧毁的东西。

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