Australian Culture Stereotypes – from a local!

After Oprah's recent visit to Australia which generated a tonne of publicity,but probably not too many extra visitors because the strong Australian dollar is making the place a tad expensive,我决定确认一下,也许会破获一些澳大利亚文化刻板印象通常是关于澳大利亚人的(包括相当多姿多彩的亚博app官方下载澳大利亚俚语,Expressions and Colloquialisms.




不管怎样,I'd like to clarify a few things 亚博app官方下载about Australia for any international visitors who would like to travel to the geographic backside of the world (meaning,we're so far away from everything else!):

  1. 几乎没有一个澳大利亚人看起来像,或像Crocodile DundeeorSteve Irwin.
  2. Most metropolitan areas do not have kangaroos jumping around in the streets.
  3. 澳大利亚人不喝促进啤酒。包括我自己。You won't see many cartons of Fosters in the bottle shops located throughout the country.You're more likely to come across Fosters overseas!
  4. 澳大利亚人不像我们在新西兰的表亲那样有口音。为了证明我的观点,check out theBeached Whaleclip.有时,新西兰人需要字幕。具有讽刺意味的是,this video was created by a couple of crazy guys in Sydney…
  5. However,澳大利亚人总是试图声称所有最好的新西兰人都是我们自己的。Some of these include尼尔·芬恩来自拥挤的房子,和罗素克罗(when he's behaving himself).
  6. 邻居is justCoronotion街带着阳光。
  7. 的确,有更严厉的监禁,因为没有申报水果或萨拉米等商品,than if you bring in other dodgy substances such as hard drugs.
  8. 两周时间不足以“参观”澳大利亚。这就好像说两个星期的时间足够看美国。
  9. 偷一条面包是英国人在1790年到澳大利亚免费乘船旅行的唯一要求。在21世纪,由于检疫法可能比美国更严格,将一条面包带到该国是驱逐出境的充分理由。Homeland Security legislation (See point 7).
  10. 不幸的是,“丁字裤”这个词的意思是指人字拖,不是紧身内衣。


你呢?亚博app官方下载有什么好笑的 澳大利亚的成见和神话你遇到了吗?
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The yabo88足彩Travel Tart is anAustralian Travel 亚博客户端下载Blogger and Writer谁在开玩笑,亚博app官方下载offbeat and weird aspects of world travel today.旅行不应该太认真!Strangely enough,他曾出现在《今日美国》等知名出版物上,the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,是澳大利亚旅游作家协会的成员。看看他的亚博app官方下载 and social media profiles to say hi or报名参加他的愚蠢通讯!


Alan fauver10月8日,2011年下午3点

Very funny and informative.这个关于你的神话真的帮助了第一次来澳大利亚的游客。所以,来之前先计划好自己。I rank Australia one of the coolest place to visit.I toured Australia last year really got an exciting experience.网络统计

贾里德 · June 17,2013 at 1:59 pm

I love this article.I went to Australia for two weeks,你是对的;现在绝对没有足够的时间去看整个国家。我也没有看到福斯特,但整个lotta vb。据记载,真是好东西!

If you love Aussie articles,check out one I did 亚博app官方下载about Aussie slang on my site,


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