Aswan Egypt – Mini Me Boats!!

一旦你在开罗南部冒险Pyramidseven inside them)向下朝向卢克索和AswanEgypt,你很可能会看到不寻常的景象未完成的方尖碑which are worth checking out – because you won't see anything like this anywhere else in the world.

After all of this sightseeing,几乎是强制性的费卢卡邮轮尼罗河nearAswan去看看大点的纳赛尔湖.纳赛尔湖是20世纪70年代苏联为了帮助发电而修建的阿斯旺大坝之后形成的。flood protection and irrigation water.

不管怎样,felucca是一种传统风格,leaky wooden boat that's actually a nice depature from the normal chaos ofEgypt,包括一些世界上最差的司机,for which,Egypt takes first place thanks to the number of times I have been subjected to the reckless and insane driving inside a number of barely roadworthy vehicles!!

然而,this Nile Cruising isn't that unusual – but what is are the numerous ‘mini-me' boats you will see on the Nile.



It's actually a group of kids who paddle (using their hands) out to the Tourist Boats,字面意思是“为他们的晚餐唱歌”。

不管你在哪条船上,问问你的国籍,然后唱一首来自你们国家的歌,and in your language.




Check out more atBuilding World Landmarks – Aswan High Dam.


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基利3月24日,2011 at 12:45 pm

My wife and I are Americans traveling to Turkey next month and are considering a side trip to Egypt.我们的行程会带我们去开罗,the pyramids,the White Desert,在大哈比亚河上,沿着尼罗河航行。Can you give us any insight on your experiences while there post-revolution?我们当然关心安全和整体气氛。亚博app官方下载我们被这样一种想法所吸引,即目前埃及游客很少,也很高兴能体验到一个新的革命国家。旅途中你觉得安全吗?Did you experience any concerns?任何见解都会受到高度赞赏。

Thanks,Kiley and Yasemin

    anthony 3月24日,2011在晚上8点22分

    I can't speak for myself – I went to Egypt in 2002.Like most of those things,the riots aren't directed at travellers.从那以后事情可能已经安定下来了,但我不知道街上的字是什么。尝试一些像孤独星球荆棘树或其他论坛之类的东西。

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