Arc De Triomphe Facts – Crazy Traffic Explained!!

我最近在法国访问巴黎时欧洲铁路,I experienced the joy that is involved in a bus ride around one of Paris' most famous monuments – the凯旋门– which is one of the world's most chaotic car rides that's up there with the世界上最差的司机!!

The Arc De Triomphe was constructed in the early 1800s to commemorate the soldiers that fought and died for France during the revolution and Napoleonic Wars and is located on the western end of the Champs Elysees.The凯旋门is heavily pimped during the last day of法国之旅,世界上最著名的自行车比赛之一,在那里,巴黎的图像在全世界广为流传。事实上,the Tour De France is probably the world's longest tourist promotion,which lasts around three weeks!!

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然而,在这最后一天,交通被排除在凯旋门区域之外,不幸的是,这并不能说明围绕着这座纪念碑的那条路有多混乱。根据我的经验,there doesn't seem to be any road rules for driving who dare to risk their lives on the Etoile – the stretch of road associated with the Arc.

不管怎样,there are 12 entry and exit points,and no designated lanes on the Etoile.This situation causes an extreme state of chaos.因此,如果一辆车在凯旋门附近发生事故,任何保险公司都不会支付任何索赔——即使你持有综合汽车保险!!


我在巴黎坐公车旅行,包括绕着凯旋门转一圈。I took this opportunity to record the crazy traffic there!!

Note,focus on just one car to see how it weaves chaotically in and out of the other cars and you will get the idea!!




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Frenchy· July 16,2012点:下午3点21分

圣杯!That's crazy!我现在想绕着凯旋门开!!

苯胺 12月13日,2012在晚上8点43分


旅行达人安东尼yabo88足彩 12月13日,2012年晚上10:30

令人惊叹的!希望他们在那里不要太疯狂。Or maybe they were crazy to go on the Arc de Triomphe in the first place!!

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