啊,,恐怖愚人节.The one day of the year where everyone has permission to play a prank or joke on someone at their expense and pretty much get away with it.

Everyone seems to get in on the act,from television to radio stations to your own relatives.Personally,我认为这是一个快乐的日子,只要你计划的恶作剧不会伤害任何人,而且你们两个都有一个很好的老笑话。亚博app官方下载

一些旅游博客亚博客户端下载因为在愚人节发表文章试图欺骗读者相信一些完全不真实的东西而臭名昭著。For example,说他们和理查德布兰森在维珍银河上玩了一次,或者比这更奇怪的事情,比如吹嘘他们是世界上第一个百万富翁旅游博客…;亚博客户端下载P Hopefully that's me someday in the very near future!!


但无论如何,instead of trying to send out a bogus post on April Fool's day itself to see if anyone would notice it's a piss take,I've come up with a list of ideas where you can play a prank on any travel 亚博客户端下载blogger that you know or have come across in your travels.这个不用开了恐怖愚人节– any day of the year is fine!!

你看,一些愚人节的恶作剧和笑话,你可以在旅游博客上玩。亚博客户端下载如果你决定试一下,告诉我他们的反应是什么!This is part of my mission for travel 亚博客户端下载bloggers to take themselves way less seriously than they do at the moment!!

The Ultimate list for playing April Fools Pranks and Jokes on Travel 亚博客户端下载Bloggers on April Fool's Day!!

  1. Go up to a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger and say ‘I've got some Free WiFi for you',and then when their eyes light up,reply with ‘only joking!’
  2. Find a kaput computer similar to a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger's that you know.Invite them over,把这台没用的电脑放在桌子上,用锤子砸碎它,然后说‘这应该能让你不再沉迷于写博客了!亚博客户端下载’
  3. 当一个旅游博客试图写一篇关于亚博客户端下载他们所热爱的东西的博文时,亚博app官方下载keep unplugging and re-plugging the Wi-Fi router until they give up
  4. Say to a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger ‘oh my god,your site has been hacked and it's infected my computer and I've lost all of my lifetime's photos!’
  5. 下一次一个旅游博客飞起来的时候,亚博客户端下载call up the airline company and have them registered as an ‘unaccompanied minor' to make sure they receive a kiddie's meal on the flight
  6. Create your own passport stamp with entry and exit dates for ‘Derka Derka Stan',偷走旅游博客作者的护照进入,亚博客户端下载看看他们是否注意到他们的护照被篡改了
  7. When you meet a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger and they say they're from the United States,ask ‘where's that?’
  8. 当你遇到一个澳大利亚旅游博客,亚博客户端下载看看他们是否喜欢啤酒而不是免费的Wi-Fi
  9. If you are travelling with a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger to another country,fill out their entry form and list ‘drug dealer' as their occupation
  10. Photo bomb every single selfie a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger takes next to a famous world landmark
  11. 礼品包装一张过期的免费Wi-Fi优惠券并说“这是我的!’
  12. 通过旅游博客的联系方式发送一封电子邮件,告诉他们你是一家愿亚博客户端下载意为一年的广告支付一百万美元的旅游公司。When they reply back asking for more information,说“我的意思是一百万津巴布韦元”(在停止使用前只值几美分)
  13. If you actually do meet the travel 亚博客户端下载blogger,给他们一张100万津巴布韦元的钞票
  14. Get hold of a English speaker's smart phone and change the default language to Chinese
  15. 偷了一个旅游博客的笔记本电脑,亚博客户端下载take off all the letters and rearrange them back onto the keyboard in random order
  16. Send a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger an SMS every minute with the same message -‘ your website is down!’
  17. 在一个旅游博客开始一次环球旅行之亚博客户端下载前,fill up their mp3 player with music they completely detest
  18. Fill up a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger's backpack to the brim with styrofoam balls just before they need to pack and head off somewhere.如果你把它放在他们宿舍的床上,就可以得到奖励。
  19. 把一个便携式扬声器放在一个旅游博客的宿舍床下,并在他喝了一大晚酒后设置一个早上6点的警报。亚博客户端下载
  20. 去找一个旅游博客说“哇,亚博客户端下载you actually do look like your profile photo unlike the rest of them!’

So there you go.如果你想取笑(也许)Australian travel 亚博客户端下载blogger in your life (or stalk one that you want to annoy),feel free to apply these silly pranks and jokes above and see what happens!!

Hopefully,they won't un-Facebook friend you within microseconds!!

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Meggie Kay 4月1日,2014在凌晨1点18分

So many of these made me cringe!I hope none of my friends see this post.😛

The Italian Guide4月1日,2014年上午10:13

We tried number 16 followed by number 4 on our favourite travel 亚博客户端下载blogger and it seems to have worked but he claims that he was"riding us all the way".不知道他在被自己的恶作剧戏弄之后是否在试图挽回面子。Either way we enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoy reading our favourite travel 亚博客户端下载blog.Keep up the great work mate 😉

Lillie - @WorldLillie · April 7,2014点在上午9点26分

Hahahahahahahahaha!The SMS with"您的网站已关闭“会让我发疯的!!!!!

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