Today's article is a little bit ironic!!

Yes,this website,and any other 亚博客户端下载blog in the world tends to have social media accounts associated with it which all support each other and churn out content to the ever increasing and bloated internet – which never seems to end!!

That's right,if you've seen this post here,it will also most likely appear onFacebook,,Twitter,,Google+,,Instagram,,Pinterest,LinkedIn,StumbleUpon and sometimesYouTube.

Or otherwise,you are on social media itself,and see a countless stream of selfies from friends taken in all sorts of exotic destinations (real ones included who you've actually met face to face).This is effectively ‘online travel bragging' in real time!!

I've seen the power of social media as an insane communication tool and it has definitely made the world a smaller place.I found it essential when I undertook atrip of Indonesiain 2009 and stayed with local 亚博客户端下载bloggers throughout this great archipelago.I used it to plan my way to the next destination,plus organise meet ups which gave me the priceless experience of living like a local.

It was one of the best trips I've ever experienced,and I'll never forget the genuine warmth and hospitality of everyone I met.Hell,I was eveninvited to a wedding at short noticeand made the official photo album!!

I still pinch myself when I see we can actually use these tools at our disposal,anytime,anywhere – with a decent WiFi connection (see mytravel 亚博客户端下载blogger jokes part oneandtwowhere I take the piss 亚博app官方下载about it!)

It's brilliant for connecting with others – within milliseconds!!

Anti Social Media

I've personally used it as an introduction device to later meet people face to face all over the world,and just for those opportunities alone,I'm grateful for it,because they have led to experiences I'll never forget.

Plus,social media helps promote this silly website to all sorts of eyeballs.

But are we missing the point sometimes?Like anything in life,too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you!!

Here goes!!

The Anti Social Media Post – Why It Sucks…Sometimes!!

Kids these days have never known life without the internet.The internet,streaming,WiFi,and tablets have always been around for young uns!!

As a Generation Xer,I've seen the transition of almost everything from an analogue to a digital world.I remember record players,cassette tapes,手机拨号,and even telegrams!!

I even remember President Bill Clinton,in 1994,asking his vice-President at the time,Al Gore,what ‘this internet thing could do.'

How things have changed!!

But throughout history,the only constant thing in life is change.And with any form of change,while you might gain some things from that change,you may lose others that are most likely worth keeping.

Our relationships are pretty much everything in life.Whether they be with your family,friends,or work colleagues,if you don't have good relationships with real people,you have nothing.

It doesn't matter how many Facebook friends you have never met in person you've racked up.It doesn't how much money you have in the world.If you've got no one to share it with and enjoy on a personal and face to face level,well that makes you a bit sad!!

But I'm worried – really worried.

I wonder if we are losing those all important relationships when Facebook,Twitter or Instagram (or the next big social media thingy) is the preferred method for communication over talking to someone in person,face to face – using your mouth,eyes,and ears.

Is social media,your feed scrolling through some sort of screen – almost replacing those face to face interactions that have evolved over millions of years??

And ironically,making us anti-social??

You know,those interactions,which I thought were completely essential,that make us human??

Here is my case.

Who has ever seen a table of friends at dinner all looking at their phones and not actually speaking to each other??

I just don't get it.

When I catch the train or bus,the vast majority of people are buried in their smartphone screens and swiping for the next bit of status update,while I'm looking outside wondering when my next trip is coming.

They look like social media automatons who are too scared to look up at someone's real face!!

I've seen this at home,and I've seen this abroad when travelling.

Plus,using social media combined with travel can sometimes create a dangerous digital cocktail.There are now more deaths fromtaking daring selfies than from shark attacks!!

Some people don't realise that those annoying selfie sticks can be removed from one's person and used to bash them on the head!!

All of this screen time has changed human behaviour,and it's making us do things that we never used to do before – andthis is in my short life time.

And it drives me bloody insane.

So,what's life like without the internet or social media (just for a short time)??

It's brilliant!!

A couple of years ago,I visitedLord Howe Island,which is a World Heritage Area off the east coast of Australia.The island has limited internet facilities and no mobile phone coverage whatsoever.

When the telcos tried to bring the towers to this lost paradise,the residents said no.They said they didn't want it,or need it.

Lord Howe Island Australia - The Last Paradise

After a few days of being disconnected from the rest of the world,I felt great.

That's because I was liberated from the emotional ball and chain that was my mobile phone and computer.I didn't miss these gadgets one single bit.

In fact,my anxiety levels peaked when I arrived back home and turned on the phone at the airport,waiting for the barrage of messages to light up my screen.

Social Media Marketing

Social media definitely has its place,短时间内不会消失。Like I mentioned before,this website,and many others,depend on it.

But I think there is always a time and place for it.

Personally,like anything in life,social media should be taken in moderation and not overdosed on – whether at home,or when travelling abroad.

You don't really need to post,tweet,or share everything you're 亚博app官方下载about to eat at all hours of the day!!

Smartphone for Travel and Social Media

Be likeTom Hanks in Castawayfor a while!You'll enjoy the digital detox!!

What do you think?Has social media ironically made some of us anti-social??

Maybe you should tell your Facebook friends 亚博app官方下载about it…

As for me,I'm going to try and lose myself in a wilderness area for a while!!

Anyway,how 亚博app官方下载about you?Does social media annoy the living crap out of you,or is it just a part of everyday (or should that be every minute?) life??

Let the world know!And share it on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc etc etc… 🙂

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John· November 2,2015 at 3:20 pm

Yes,too much of a good thing can be bad for you!Great post.I'll dump it on Facebook,Twitter,etc etc etc 🙂

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