Hi there yabo88足彩Travel Tart readers.今天我采访了几位真正的冒险旅行者——卡斯和琼斯。These two guys are Australians who have done some crazy and intrepidAdventure Travelin their lifetimes (so far),which has included the world first unsupported kayak trip from Australia to New Zealand (3318 km over 62 days),and more famously,in early 2012,they made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time.也就是说,他们是第一个从南极地区在没有帮助的情况下回到南极,and did it in 89 days after having skied 2275 km!!

Their website says"We've kayaked a few oceans,翻山越岭,到处都是土路。We've been mates since we were kids in high school and have been lucky to have shared heaps of incredible experiences in the outdoors together.""

然而,相比之下,他们刚完成了一些相当久坐的任务,by undertaking a pub crawl by helicopter in the Northern Territory,travelling almost 400 km in 亚博app官方下载about 5 hours.But that's more like adventure travel my style!!

Adventure Travel - Cas and Jonesy Top Ten Tipple Challenge

The outback locations visited included the following places:

  • 汉普顿杜酒店
  • 树皮小屋
  • Litchfield Hotel
  • Adelaide River
  • 贝内特湖度假村
  • Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge
  • 威尔德曼荒野小屋
  • 达尔文天空城赌场游上酒吧

你可以跟随@casandjonesyon Twitter andFacebook.Also see more at Top End Time Out!!


旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:Hi Guys,谢谢你抽出时间聊天。Firstly,I've got a gripe with you 2 blokes.I really like beer,我有自己的啤酒指数,用每升啤酒的价格来衡量一个国家的负担能力。Where was my gig to go on the pub crawl?Surely you could have invited a travel 亚博客户端下载blogger to document the trip!Sounds like an awesome junket to me!;P

Jonesy:伙计!That is a serious oversight on our behalf…it sounds like you would have been a valuable asset to the team!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:Just wondering 亚博app官方下载about the practicalities of a pub crawl by helicopter.你们和飞行员有没有停下来做过酒精呼吸测试?Were any toilet stops required mid air??

Jonesy:要回到一个普通的酒吧爬行会很难……感觉只有乘直升机才能去!Luckily our pilots were pretty focused on just flying and less on sampling some of the bevvies in the pit stops…and no mid-air stops were needed,在南极洲,我们学会了如何坚持下去!!

这就是说,in the Northern Territory,乘直升机飞向这些水坑,真的让你真正了解remote"these pubs are.One was accessible only via chopper or boat,因为它位于鳄鱼出没的河流中间的一个小岛上!!


旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:Back to the Adventure Travel.I'm guessing you two guys didn't really want to enter the corporate world.是什么驱使你去追求一个肾上腺素瘾君子的生活??

Jonesy:I wouldn't say we're adrenaline junkies,more so we're just blokes that love the outdoors and taking on some big challenges in remote areas of the world!从学校开始,我们就在丛林中行走,从那里开始,我们的旅程变得越来越大,越来越好!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:I saw a documentary by Bruce Parry that recreated the early 1900s mission to the South Pole (and back) that was a race between Norway's Roald Amundsen and Great Britain's Robert Falcon Scott.History says Amundsen won because he used dogs,结果斯科特死了,因为他们走了那个人的运输路线。Was this in the back of your mind when you decided to go for a casual stroll to the South Pole??

Jonesy:You can't go down to Antarctica and not have an appreciation for the history of the continent and the harshness of the environment.我想从我们的探险回来后,我们肯定对斯科特和他的手下所经历的事情有了更好的了解。

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:I remember in that documentary that the people recreating that trip had to use the same gear and eat the same stuff as they did in the 1900s.Which was pretty much a block of congealed lard with speckles of vegetables and protein that had to be melted down each night for dinner.Yummo.我无法想象你的配给包会很快成为米其林星级餐厅,但是在南极旅行中你最喜欢吃什么??

Jonesy:最喜欢的食物肯定是我们的烤羊肉脱水餐从乡村菜。再加上一点脱水奶酪和100毫升橄榄油…完美。Heston Blumenthal watch out!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:我猜,你这次不受支持的冒险旅行就是这样的——这意味着你不能仅仅要求某人带着一盒啤酒飞,这样你就可以在一天结束的时候打破一个寒冷的旅行。Do you guys ever crave the amber ale when you're doing your major expeditions?I'd be having withdrawal symptoms almost immediately!!


Cas:That's right!我们生存所需的一切从食物开始,融雪饮用水的燃料,tent,睡袋,spares.If something breaks we've gotta fix it.从本质上说,我们是绝对孤独的。

Jonesy:我不得不说,在南极洲,冷饮并不是最受欢迎的。Let's face it we were FREEZING ALREADY!More likely we wanted some warm at the end of each day!那就是说,当我们完成整个旅程,回到文明社会时,情况完全不同了!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:When you guys come home from a major expedition to the familiar surroundings of home,do you ever get reverse culture shock?It must feel like a let down coming home,but you must be relieved that you're able to wear a fresh pair of underwear each day!!

Cas:Yes,we've both in the past suffered what we call"探险后抑郁症”.当你远征的时候,你的注意力集中在一个目标上太久了,当你回家的时候,it's difficult to adjust to taking out the garbage,hanging up the washing and just being normal for a while!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:On your short paddle from Australia to New Zealand,what was the first thing you craved when you reached shore?Fush and chups by any chance?😉


Cas:Fresh fruit!!


Cas:Wouldn't you like to know!3在南极洲,想一长串酷的探险是很长时间的事情。这么说之后,我们暂时把下一个计划放在我们的胸口。

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:If it involves pub(s),一定要让我知道!I ask all my interviewees where was the time and place where you thought"hell yeah,我喜欢这个旅行用品?""

Cas:On the Top End Time Out and our Top End Ten Tipple Challenge for sure!!

旅行开始yabo88足彩时间:Thanks for your time guys,and I hope that you don't burst your adrenal glands soon!!

Cas and Jonesy:Thanks heaps!!

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很酷的采访。这些人过着他们的生活。The pub crawl by helicopter sounds fun!!


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